Standardized Terminology

Say What?

Kent State is working to standardize terminology across media, applications and systems to reduce confusion and miscommunication between students, faculty and staff. Currently, there are multiple versions of basic Kent State terminology in use. For example, when departments receive calls to provide support and troubleshoot issues related to an individual's university ID, some people, applications and print pieces call it: Student ID, Banner ID, Employee ID, university ID. To reduce confusion, Kent State will use the terms below.

FLASHcard – A physical identification card containing a student or employee’s photos. The card has a 10 - 16 digit ISO number printed on it. May also refer to the FLASHcard Office location.

Incorrect terms currently in use:

  • FlashCard
  • Flash card
  • FlashCARD

FlashLine user name - A combination of a user’s first and last name (up to eight positions, sometimes with a number) that acts as the login user name for most campus resources. The FlashLine user name is everything before in the e-mail address.

Incorrect terms currently in use:

  • FlashLine ID
  • User name
  • Email ID
  • User ID
  • Banner ID

Kent State email addresses - The full e-mail address, which includes the FlashLine user name.

Incorrect terms currently in use:

  • University email address
  • KSU email address
  • Kent email address
  • FlashLine address
  • Banner ID

Kent State ID number  - Is the term that should be used. It is a 9 digit id number, currently beginning with an “8,” that identifies students, faculty, staff, alumni and other constituents that is stored in the Banner system.

Incorrect terms currently in use:

  • Student ID
  • Banner ID
  • Employee ID
  • University ID

Excellence in Action - please note the university is no longer using Excellence in Action