Study in Switzerland with Kent State Geneva

Kent State Geneva

Why Kent State Geneva?

Career Advancement

River in Geneva

The Kent State Geneva program offers the possibility of internship placements at an international organization (IO) or non-governmental organization (NGO). Past internships have included the World Health Organization, World Vision, and the Centre for Socio-Economic Development.
Studying and interning abroad will give you a competitive edge in the job market as well as applying for graduate school. It distinguishes you as being flexible, independent, and having valuable intercultural communication skills.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Swiss Alps

With the Alps at your backdoor, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore the world around you. That doesn’t even include the experience of living in Geneva, where you can enjoy strolling down the riverside, coffee in a local café, or spending the afternoon in one of the many museums nearby. During orientation you will explore Zermat, a beautiful city in the Swiss countryside. Furthermore, Switzerland itself is centrally located, so it is easy to explore the rest of Europe by air or by train.

Increased Global Awareness

Swiss Countryside

Being exposed to diverse ways of life and facing the challenges of cross-cultural communication are essential to becoming a global citizen. As a Kent State Geneva student, you will become a true member of the international community as you take classes with students from Switzerland and around the world. Moreover, you will become integrated with the local culture and professional landscape as you participate in a pre-professional internship placement.

Personal Growth

You will gain a greater sense of independence, increased confidence, improved leadership skills, and an expanded worldview, not to mention valuable new experiences, fresh perspectives, and great new friendships! Studying abroad challenges you in ways that cause you to understand your strengths and weaknesses in new ways, and allows you to develop greater intrapersonal and interpersonal qualities.