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Ranked as a top-tier program by CEO Magazine, Kent State University’s Executive MBA program is designed exclusively for busy working professionals. 

It is an opportunity to engage with other seasoned professionals to gain advanced leadership skills, practical insights and vital hands-on training essential to compete in today’s challenging global marketplace. Register for one of our upcoming information sessions today.


Nationally Recognized. Globally Ranked.

AACSB accreditation and ranked Tier One globally by CEO Magazine 

Designed for Experienced Professionals with diverse experiences

Minimum 7 years work experience required. Prior business-related degree is not needed.

Convenient, weekend format; summer session 100% online

EMBA cohorts meet one weekend a month, supplemented with online content. Summer session is 100% online. 

 Earn your EMBA in 19 months!

International Experience

Tuition includes a 10-day International Business Trip

Inclusive Program Cost

Tuition includes overnight Residency Program, 10-day International Trip, Meals and Refreshments and Parking

World-renowned Faculty

Faculty are noted academics and leaders in their fields, with published research in their respective area of expertise.


What Makes Our MBA for Executives the Best?

Kent State University’s Executive MBA Program (EMBA) is an AACSB-accredited program designed exclusively for busy working professionals with a desire for career advancement. 

Our contemporary curriculum taught by an outstanding faculty is designed to both teach and challenge our students, while placing a focus on effectively utilizing:

  • Sound strategic thinking
  • Decision-making supported by analytics
  • Cross-functional team support
  • Ethical leadership
  • Personal skills that impact change in a globally competitive and technologically complex business environment

Students from Cleveland, Akron and all over the state enrolled in our EMBA program enjoy the convenience of attending Saturday and Sunday classes once a month on campus, along with selected classes online, and can graduate in just 19 months. 

They combine their practical business expertise developed from consulting and corporate experience with advanced academic knowledge obtained through intensive research. 

Earning your EMBA is a great way to develop yourself both personally and professionally by increasing your knowledge, skills and understanding of the different aspects of the business world. And in our Executive MBA program, you can take your career to the next level while maintaining your full-time job.

Why Should You Earn Your EMBA?

There are many reasons to earn your Executive MBA, including:

  • Gaining a new perspective
  • Increasing your understanding of business
  • Widening your professional network

Most notably, though, earning your EMBA can help you get the career you have always wanted. The knowledge and skills you learn in the Executive MBA program will give you vital hands-on training essential to compete in today’s challenging global marketplace while helping you become a more well-rounded and knowledgeable employee.

Why Earn Your EMBA at Kent State?

Kent State University’s Executive MBA program stands out from the rest because it primarily consists of required courses vital to learning business disciplines. This allows you to expedite the process and earn your EMBA in just 19 months. 

Better yet, the international experience portion of our EMBA program gives students the opportunity to meet international business leaders, visit local universities, tour businesses in other countries and more. 

Students are also given the chance to form lifelong bonds and career connections with their classmates, who are business professionals like themselves.

Want to Learn More?

Interested in learning more about Kent State’s Executive MBA program? Be sure to attend one of our many upcoming information sessions around Cleveland, Akron and all over northern Ohio, where you can speak with faculty and alumni about program expectations, curriculum and so much more.


Additionally, you can learn more about the program by contacting EMBA program coordinator Amy Kittle. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Executive MBA admission criteria includes:

  • A minimum of seven years professional work experience.
  • An undergraduate degree (not necessarily in business) from an accredited college or university.
  • The candidate's two-year commitment to complete the program, and support by his/her employer.
  • A basic knowledge of algebra and computer applications to include Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

Application process:

To be considered for admission to Kent State University's Executive MBA program, students must submit the following information online:

  • Completed Application Form and $45 nonrefundable application fee (check made out to KSU).
  • Official Transcripts - all applicants must have graduated from an accredited college or university.
  • Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation Forms - used to assess academic or job performance. Three forms are required for application to the Executive MBA program. One should be from a senior executive in your organization and another from an immediate supervisor. The third letter should be from a colleague or someone familiar with your academic background.
  • Statement of Goals and Objectives - one full page stating your goals/objectives for the program, used to assess career goals and written communication skills.
  • If Required* - Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) official test scores
  • Interview - required of all candidates submitting a completed application form. The EMBA office will schedule an appointment for a personal interview with the Director after the EMBA admissions committee has received all application materials.

*GMAT/GRE scores typically not required.


GMAT and GRE scores are not typically required.

For those applicants who will be required to take the GMAT, is now offered electronically. Simply call 1-800-717-GMAT to schedule the test at a center near you. The cost is $250, and a $50 fee will be charged for any rescheduling. There are many GMAT-prep books and software packages available to help in the review process. The GMAT Information Bulletin covers a variety of GMAT-related topics, and is available through the KSU Graduate Programs Office. KAPLAN offers a GMAT-prep software package and www.MBA.com also offers a practice test on line.

GMAT & GPA Admission Criteria

There is no minimum GMAT score or grade point average required for admission to the EMBA program. The admissions committee considers many factors as it evaluates prospective students, including work history, letters of reference, and other non-academic achievements. The admission process culminates with a personal interview to ensure that the candidate is a good fit for the program, and vice versa.

EMBA Admission Fees

With an Executive MBA program fully accredited by the AACSB, the premier accrediting body for education in business, Kent State University truly offers the most cost-effective, worthwhile EMBA degree in Northeast Ohio.

The competitively priced fee covers much more than just your tuition. It includes an international business trip (10-14 days abroad), parking permits, catered food service, graduation materials and so much more!

Learn more about our EMBA program fees

EMBA Loans

For those needing financial support, there are several loan programs available, including a privately sponsored national program. 

For more information, contact:

Brenda Dillon
Associate Director, Student Financial Aid
Phone: (330) 672-0516

Executive MBA Scholarship Program for Graduate Students


Over the last few years we have had a large number of graduate students who were admitted to our Executive MBA program with excellent credentials but were unable to enroll due to financial constraints. We very much want these students in our class, and as a result we have decided to offer a limited number of scholarships to students with excellent credentials. The criteria listed below will be used by the Scholarship Committee in their determinations.


Using the criteria listed below, applicants for the scholarships will be evaluated by the scholarship committee. The scholarship committee will be comprised of Executive MBA alumni, business executives, and members of the academic community. The process may also include an interview for the finalists with some members of the committee.

Graduate students are encouraged to provide additional information which may have not been included in the application for admission to the EMBA program. Scholarship applicants will not be evaluated until AFTER their admission to the EMBA program.


  1. ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS: Evidence of prior academic achievements such as undergraduate GPA, score on GMAT, and academic honors will be evaluated by the committee;
  2. APPLICANT'S PROFESSIONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Evidence of professional achievements will be rated using the resume and other materials provided by the scholarship applicants and in some cases, additional information obtained during the interview;
  3. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: From corporate executives, colleagues and others will be reviewed as evidence of professional and community accomplishments and service;
  4. PERSONAL LETTER FROM THE APPLICANT: The Executive MBA scholarship applicant should provide a one to two page letter detailing the reasons why she (or he) should receive a scholarship.


The dollar amount of the scholarship will vary; however, the maximum scholarship will be approximately 25% of the total EMBA program fee of $43,900.


Employees of Kent State University and their eligible dependents or any other person who is eligible for a fee waiver at Kent State cannot receive this award.


The Executive MBA scholarship program is available to graduate students who need financial help to enroll, and scholarships will be awarded to each student based on criteria listed by the committee. *subject to board approval

EMBA International Business Experience

A highlight of the Executive MBA program at Kent State is the 10-day international business experience. Countries previously visited include Brazil, China, Italy and Vietnam among others.

The International Business trip is a one-hour credit course in which each EMBA cohort has the opportunity to travel abroad under the leadership of faculty members. The EMBA program cost includes the 10-day International Business Trip (airfare, hotel accommodations and most meals).

The International Business Trip, typically taken during the month of May in the first year of the program, is a unique learning experience in which students are exposed firsthand to the country’s culture and te business practices of companies that operate internationally.

International topics are integrated into many of the courses in the curriculum. In addition, there is a course in International Business that is taken the semester before the international trip.

K32 Class at the Beijing Train Station

The International Business trip is a one-hour credit course in which each EMBA cohort has the opportunity to travel abroad under the leadership of faculty members. The trip typically takes place during the month of May in the first year of the program and lasts approximately 12 days. It is a unique learning experience in which students are exposed firsthand to the country’s culture and the business practices of companies that operate internationally.

What Will You Do During the Trip?

During the trip, students meet with business leaders, have tours of selected businesses, meet with the US Embassy, visit a local university in the country and have free time to explore the culture on your own. It has proven to be not only a great learning experience, but also to be most students’ favorite part of the program. The destination each year is based upon events taking place in the domestic and global economy.

Past trips have included Ireland, Austria/Greece, Mexico, Chile, Switzerland/Belgium, Czech Republic/Dresden and China. We are planning on a trip to South America in the near future.

Learn More About the International Business Trip

Get more details on this fulfilling international business experience, or be sure to join us for any of Kent State’s upcoming information sessions.


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