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Are you looking for an Online MBA program that can advance your skillset and increase your earnings potential?

The Online MBA at Kent State University's College of Business Administration can provide all that and more.

About Our Online MBA

Serving students in Cleveland, Akron, and Columbus, as well as all across the country, our program provides a host of benefits to dedicated, working professionals.

Program Features

AACSB Accredited

Most widely recognized business accreditation in the world

Enroll at any time

Program admits year-round - fall, spring and summer semesters

Concentrations Available

-International Business

-Supply Chain Management

Study Abroad Opportunity

Option to participate in study abroad program;  fulfills required elective credits

Project-based Curriculum

Classes are in 8-week modules

Nationally-ranked Faculty

Faculty are noted academics and leaders in their fields, with published research in their area of expertise

No Prior Work Experience Required


Prior business-related  degree Not Required


Go at Your Own Pace

Complete the program in as little as 12 months

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Course Overview

Students seeking worthwhile MBA courses online will find what they are looking for at Kent State. Course topics in our Online MBA program include:

  • Accounting
  • Computer Systems
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Statistics
  • Law

Admission Requirements

  • Application
  • Résumé
  • Transcripts
  • GMAT or GRE scores


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    Online MBA

    Curriculum Structure



    ACCT 63037 - Financial Accounting for Decision Making 2 credits Fall
    ACCT 63038 - Managerial Accounting for Decision Making 2 credits Spring
    MIS 64042 - Global Technology Strategy 2 credits Spring
    ECON 62021 - Global Conditions and Macroeconomics Policy 2 credits Spring
    ECON 62022 - Managerial Economics 2 credits Fall
    FIN 66060 - Managerial Finance 2 credits Spring
    MIS 64271 - Human Resource Management 2 credits Spring
    MIS 64158 - Leadership and Managerial Assessment 2 credits Fall
    MKTG 65051 - Marketing Management 2 credits Fall
    MIS 64041 - Operations, Service and Supply Chain Management 2 credits Spring 
    MIS 64005 - Analytics for Decision Making 2 credits Fall 
    FIN 66050 - Law and Ethics 2 credits Fall


    MIS 64185 - Business Strategy 3 credits Fall & Summer


    Electives 9 credits

    NOTE: Students with less than two years of full-time professional work experience at the time of enrollment will be required to complete a 1-credit hour professional development course, making the program a total of 37 credit hours. Those with two or more years of experience at time of enrollment will not be required to complete a professional development course, making the program a total of 36 credit hours.


    There are five proficiency webinars required prior to taking specific courses in the curriculum. Each webinar is estimated to take eight hours to complete, depending on background. They must be completed before the start of the corresponding course and must be passed at the 75% rate or higher.

    The webinar topics are in the following subject areas:

    • Accounting - completed prior to ACCT 63037
    • Spreadsheets - completed prior to ACCT 63037
    • Finance - completed prior to FIN 66060
    • Statistics - completed prior to MIS 64005
    • Economics - completed prior to the first Economics course taken, either ECON 62021 or ECON 62022

    Cost of Webinars

    There is a separate fee for the webinars which come in an 18-month subscription. The subscription is comparable in cost to that of books and supplies for one course.


    Courses can be taken in the order which you choose, apart from the following courses with prerequisites:

    • In order to take ACCT 63038, you must have first taken ACCT 63037 as a prerequisite
    • In order to take MIS 64041, you must have first taken MIS 64005 as a prerequisite.
    • In order to take FIN 66060, you must have first taken ACCT 63037 and MIS 64005 as prerequisites.


    • International Business
    • Supply Chain Management


    Core Courses 24 total credits
    Capstone Course 3 total credits
    Electives 9 total credits

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    Students who are ready to begin taking courses, but are unable to meet the deadline with application materials should ask about the option to apply as a Graduate, Non-Degree Seeking student. Only a $15 fee, transcripts and resumé are required.

    You can take up to 12 credit hours as a Non-Degree Seeking student, and that would give you more time to gather all materials for the Online MBA application to enroll the following semester.

    The courses taken as a Non-Degree Seeking student would count toward the MBA once a student is admitted.



    Official transcripts of academic records must be obtained from colleges, universities and professional schools attended outside of Kent State University. Unofficial transcripts can be uploaded and used for an admission decision, but official copies will need to be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies before you can enroll. 


    Applicants are required to submit a resumé.

    GMAT or GRE Scores

    Only test scores within the past five years are considered. In the case of multiple tests, the highest score will be used.

    Prospective students should plan to take the exam at least one month before the application deadline. Although scores will be provided the day of the exam, it can take up to 10 days for scores to be received by Kent State University.

    Fall Semester July 15
    Spring Semester December 1
    Summer Semester May 15

    More Information/Registration for GMAT       More Information/Registration for GRE


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    Online MBA and Full-time (in-person MBA)

    Tuition, Fees and Financial Assistance

    Kent State offers a best-value MBA Program compared to several other universities with Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation, the top credential for business schools.


    Online MBA Tuition*

    Tuition cost is $830 per credit hour, regardless of state or country of residency.

    The Online MBA program is 36 credit hours, making the total tuition cost under $30,000. Based on current courses, an estimate per course for books and supplies is $150. There is a separate fee for webinars which come in an 18-month subscription. The subscription is comparable in cost to that of books and supplies for one course.

    Full-time MBA Tuition

    Tuition cost per credit hour for full-time MBA students:

    Ohio resident $515 per credit hour | Non-resident $928 per credit hour

    Program fee per semester for full-time MBA students:

    $600 per semester

    Enrollment cost per semester for full-time MBA students:

    Ohio resident $5,655 per semester | Non-resident $10,198 per semester

    Financial Assistance available to full-time MBA students:

    Merit-based scholarships

    Merit-based Graduate Assistantships   

    Loans and Work Study (domestic students only)

    Employer Tuition Reimbursement. Applicants should check with their employer to see if this benefit is offered.

    * The tuition and fee information provided reflects, at a glance, generalized rates and is intended to act as a guide. Actual tuition costs may vary based on a student’s chosen academic plan. Detailed information regarding tuition and fees can be found in the University Fee Register.



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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Educational Background


    Is an undergraduate degree in an area of business required to get the MBA?

    No. A bachelor's degree in the area of business is not required; however, to be considered for the program, applicants must have a bachelor's degree.

    If and applicant's undergraduate degree is not in business, are additional courses required?

    No additional courses are required. However, webinars are required by all students, no matter their undergraduate degree. Webinars in the following areas are completed prior to quantitative-based core coursework: accounting, spreadsheets (Excel), statistics, finance and economics. Each webinar must be completed prior to taking the corresponding course in the Online MBA curriculum. Webinars are self-paced, can be repeated, and serve as a reference tool. The webinars serve as a review for those with a business education background, and an instrument for those without a business education background to enter into MBA courses with the confidence to succeed.

    What math knowledge and skill do applicants need to be proficient in to start the program?

    Students should be proficient in algebra. Some exposure to intuitive calculus is helpful, but the subject can be learned while in the program. 


    Program Academic Details


    Is the GMAT or GRE a requirement in all cases?

    Yes, the College's level of accreditation requires an instrument to be used to compare all applicants, and GMAT or GRE scores serve that purpose.

    Additionally, preparing for the GMAT or GRE helps the prospective student review and sharpen math skills from earlier courses and experiences. The College also uses GMAT or GRE results as diagnostic tools to measure writing, intuitive reasoning, quantitative and verbal skills.

    What are the major differences between the Online and Executive MBA programs?

    While both are designed for the working professional, the Online program offers flexibility and the opportunity for the student to go at his or her own pace. Students have the option of taking electives in the same subject area and pursuing a concentration. No prior work experience is required for admittance to the Online MBA program.

    The Executive MBA program, designed for the more experienced professional, delivers courses to a cohort. The EMBA cohort meets one weekend per month, supplemented with online content. The EMBA program's summer session is entirely online. Additional features of the EMBA program are beginning and ending residencies and an international business experience. Seven years of full-time, professional, work experience is required for admittance to the EMBA program.


    Program Administrative Details


    When does the Online MBA program begin?

    This flexible program can be started any semester: fall, spring or summer. Application deadlines are typically about six weeks before the start of the intended term.

    What happens if I have to stop the program for work or family issues?

    In cases where the student will be out for a year or more, a formal Leave of Absence request is required to keep the student active in the University's system.


    Completing the Degree


    How long do I have to complete the Online MBA Program?

    Students have six years to complete the Online MBA, however the average time to complete the program for those working full-time while pursuing the MBA is two to two and a half years. Time approved as a Leave of Absence does not count toward the six-year limit.

    How are employer tuition benefits handled by the Bursar's Office?

    Kent State has deferred billing for those with tuition benefits. A form is submitted each semester with the student/employee’s information. Find more details about employer tuition assistance and the form.


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