Business Workshop Series - Digital Transformation


With the rapid progress of technology and the increased propensity to adopt technology, business organizations are modifying and creating new business processes. These changes are the core of digital transformation and have the goal of improving efficiency and performance. However, these changes also create challenges, such as security threats and maintaining customer relations.

The Business Workshop Series on Digital Transformation is most suited for managers and leaders who are responsible for planning the business impact of their digitalization, directors and consultants who are interested in organizational tech transformation, managers who are responsible for the implementation of digital transformation plans, and professionals with technical knowledge who want to learn how it is applied in business. The workshops are 100% online asynchronous and thus, can be completed at your own pace. They are created and taught by faculty and industry experts and include rich content. Your instructor will be available for consultation if necessary. Upon completion, you will receive a digital badge to share with others and let them know you are updating your skill sets. 

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*Please note you will be asked for an updated resume or a link to your LinkedIn profile to verify your academic and business credentials during the application process.



  • The first workshop reviews the fundamentals of digital transformation.
  • Students should choose the second workshop based on their goals. We suggest that individuals focus on the customer experience take the digital marketing workshop, those focused on operational aspects take the cybersecurity workshop, and those focused on healthcare take the digital transformation in healthcare workshop. 
  • In the third workshop, students will demonstrate how they combine the skills they learned. The workshop will focus on project management skills in the context of Digital Transformation. 
Digital transformation workshop pathway graphic



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