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Our graduate business certificate programs prepare participants to serve as responsible leaders and are designed for maximizing on-the-job performance, assuring that our graduates have the business skills, competence, and knowledge to succeed in the next phase of their career. 

Our Post Graduate Business Certificate Programs

Making the most of your professional experience post-graduation can mean pursuing additional resources and opportunities to strengthen your expertise. Postgraduate certificate programs provide an excellent opportunity to strengthen your knowledge in a specific area, advance your career, and further your education. We encourage students and postgraduates to pursue the certificates that align with their interests and career goals.

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Quality Matters Certified

Certificates with QM Certification:

  • Certified Business Advisor® (CBA) 
  • Leadership and Management
  • Quantitative Business Management

These programs and courses put learners first by meeting rigorous, research-based standards of quality. 

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Credit Bearing Graduate Certificates

  • Accounting Analytics (Online Only)

    Accounting Analytics (Online Only)

    This certificate focuses on the application of technology that supports analytical approaches, and presents material relevant to the advanced practice of accounting.

  • Advanced Accounting (Online Only)

    Advanced Accounting (Online Only)

    This certificate program provides 12-credit hours of master-level accounting classes in core accounting disciplines. This material is relevant to advanced practice of accounting and includes knowledge tested on the CPA exam.

  • Business Analytics (In-person or Online)

    Business Analytics (In-person or Online)

    The BA certificate provides individuals opportunity to familiarize themselves with this ever-growing and versatile discipline.

  • Financial Management (In-person)

    Financial Management (In-person)

    This certificate prepares participants to be responsible leaders in public, private, and nonprofit organizations. Because the need for financial management competence is ubiquitous across organizations, this program is open to all fields and undergraduate backgrounds. 

  • Human Resource Management (In-person or Online)

    Human Resource Management (In-person or Online)

    The Human Resource Management graduate certificate provides participants with a focused set of advanced skills that support advancement in the field of human resources. Open to participants from all fields and undergraduate degree backgrounds. 

  • International Business (In-person or Online)

    International Business (In-person or Online)

    This graduate certificate allows students to gain specialized knowledge in a variety of domains of international business. Study abroad options are possible, with no language skills required.

  • Leadership and Management (Online)

    Leadership and Management (Online)

    This program prepares participants to serve as responsible leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit organizations. It is designed for maximizing on-the-job performance and instilling confidence as a successful leader.

  • Leading Through Challenge (In-person or Online)

    Leading Through Challenge (In-person or Online)

    The Leading Through Challenge graduate certificate provides skill development useful to managers who seek to rise to higher levels of leadership. 

  • Quantitative Business Management

    Quantitative Business Management

    The Quantitative Business Management graduate certificate prepares participants to serve as responsible leaders in public, private and nonprofit organizations. Open to participants from all fields and undergraduate degree backgrounds. 

Non-Credit Bearing Graduate Certificates

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Stackable Certificate Pathway to the Online MBA

Start by completing either the Leadership and Management Certificate or the Financial Management Certificate. If you are motivated to continue learning, complete both certificates. To add depth to your knowledge and obtain the MBA degree, simply complete the remaining set of capstone requirements. If you choose to pursue an MBA concentration in either Business Analytics or Human Resource Management, you can pick up a third certificate, as well.

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More About Our Ohio-Based Online MBA Program

Our online business certificate programs serve students in the local markets of Cleveland, Akron, and Youngstown, as well as virtual students across the state and country. This also applies to our Online MBA program, which is accessible to qualified individuals from anywhere. Our curriculum is rigorous yet manageable and provides a host of benefits to dedicated professionals who are looking to earn their MBA degree online.

Kent State University's Online MBA program is ranked #23 among the Top 50 Online MBA Programs for 2022, according to The Princeton Review and #35 in the nation according to Fortune's Best Online Programs.

The Online MBA program has Quality Matters (QM) Program Design Certification. In addition, all of Kent State’s core MBA courses are Quality Matters certified. QM or Quality Matters is a nationally recognized nonprofit with the primary purpose of certifying the quality of online course design in order to maximize benefits for participants. You can visit Kent State’s QM’s Research Resources page to learn more.

Business Certificate Programs Can Enhance Your Career Opportunities

Kent State’s graduate certificate programs prepare participants to serve as responsible leaders with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking capacity needed to face the challenges of a rapidly evolving global economy.

Choose an online business certificate program from Kent State to gain invaluable business skills, competency, and knowledge in your field. If you would like additional information regarding Kent State’s business certificate programs, our academic and admissions offices are ready to help!

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