What is Handshake?

Handshake is the #1 place where students find jobs and get hired as employers are recruiting students specifically from your university! This is an all-in-one career management tool where you can search and save jobs/internships/co-op opportunities, register for and manage your Kent State university events, fairs and more!

Access Your Handshake Account

Please note that your Handshake account is automatically created by the time you are admitted to Kent State University, and you are automatically subscribed to the Handshake email list. If you select to unsubscribe from the Handshake email list, please note that it is an absolute unsubscribe, meaning that you will no longer receive any email notifications regarding career events, fairs, jobs, and internships postings. 

How do I find opportunities?

Click one of the buttons below to start exploring internships and full-time positions filtered for business. Visit Handshake to continue exploring opportunities and events.

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Why should I fill out my Handshake profile? 

This will allow Handshake to identity and recommend personalized information regarding internships/jobs posting to you  based on your profile information. 

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Join one or more career communities on Handshake

You can join one or more career communities on Handshake’s My Career Interests tab to help you explore, engage with, and discover careers that align with your interests and goals. Once you join, you will receive customized emails from your career advisor with handpicked jobs and internships, upcoming career events, industry advice and trends, professional development opportunities and more resources pertaining to your career interests!

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Additional Handshake Resources to Assist You

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