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#9 Ready For Business: Bonus Episode!



We are wrapping up 2019 with a special bonus episode featuring job search advice and interview clips with our panel of HR recruiters that did not make the original Ready For Business series.


#8 Ready For Business: Never Too Early



If you're in the early semesters of your Business degree, what can be done now that will make you stronger job or internship candidate later? Our guests describe three things that can be started today.


#7 Ready For Business: Your Online Brand



Like the résumé, your profile and activity in a professional networking site can show a recruiter that you would be a good match for their company. Our guests describe the process of building an online brand in sites like LinkedIn that can help your candidacy move forward.


#6 Ready For Business: Job Interviews



You’ve just been invited for a job interview! Now what? Our panel of recruiters offer advice on what to wear, what to bring, and how to make the most out of your next interview.


#5 Ready For Business: Career Fairs



Professional recruiters prefer face-to-face introductions over receiving a resume from someone they never met. So any opportunity to meet recruiters in-person is a key moment in your search for a job or internship. Hear our guests discuss the strategies that work, and the mistakes to avoid, as you make your introduction at a career fair or networking event.


#4 Ready For Business: Northwestern Mutual



Rachel and Cory of Northwestern Mutual describe their internship program and the skills students gain along the way. Northwestern Mutual joins this special edition of Ready for Business as one of our Recruiting Partners and member of the Employer Advisory Council for Career Services.


#3 Ready For Business: Truth About Cover Letters

Are cover letters really needed? Good question. Our panel of guests give their honest opinion on receiving cover letters and written introductions as part of a candidate’s application for a position.


#2 Ready For Business: Attention To Detail

Do you have an eye for detail? Company recruiters stress the importance of attention to detail while crafting your résumé in our second Ready For Business episode from Kent State University's Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship.


#1 Ready For Business: The Résumé

What makes a résumé good or bad? Learn by hearing it directly from company recruiters who are sent hundreds résumés, our first in a series about being ready for the job or internship search from Kent State University's Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship.


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