Breaking Down Business

#9 Quality Matters and Online Education

On this episode of Breaking Down Business, hear from Amy Grincewicz, Ph.D., senior instructional designer at the College of Business Administration. Amy shares about the progress the college has made in seeking Quality Matters Certification for online courses in an effort to provide high-quality instruction to students.

#8 The Economic Impact of COVID-19

In this episode of Breaking Down Business, Shawn Rohlin, Ph.D., professor of economics and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation. Rohlin shares how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the national economy as well as how smaller businesses have been affected. 

#7 Agility Management and the COVID-19 Response


COVID-19 impacted how universities delivered courses for the second part of the spring 2020 semester. Kent State University successfully moved more than 9,000 course sections online, with more than 200 of those courses being in the College of Business Administration. In this episode, College of Business Administration Dean Deborah Spake, Ph.D., discusses the College's response to COVID-19.

#6 Breaking Down Business: Responsible Leadership Initiative


In episode 6 of Breaking Down Business, Associate Dean for Graduate and Online Programs Cathy L.Z. Dubois, Ph.D. and Associate Director for Assessment and Accreditation Brandon Lloyd Shields discuss the College's Responsible Leadership Initiative and how the College is promoting Business as a Force for Good.

#5 Breaking Down Business: Assessing Personality Traits for Leadership Development

In this episode, Mark Whitmore overviews The Kent State University College of Business Administration’s assessment tool that helps students learn about their leadership style and hone their skills in a simulated business environment. Listen through the end of this episode to learn about the Workplace Big 5 Profile Assessment and how studying personality traits can help guide leadership development.

#4 A look into Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin. Blockchain. Cryptocurrency. These terms are becoming more widely used, but what do they mean to the average consumer? In this podcast, Kent State finance faculty member David Pelleg discusses these topics and how traditional capital markets are evolving into Tech 4.0.

#3 Innovative Classroom Practices

Kent State University Professor of Accounting, Wendy Tietz has earned national recognition for her innovative practices in the classroom. Whether it’s conducting online polls, teaching students to build a software bot, or interacting with students from locations around the globe via chatroom, Tietz focuses on making the learning experience interactive.

In this episode, you will hear how Tietz teaches future professionals to develop technology agility and how she shares her innovative teaching practices with educators and practitioners across the country.


#2 Business Analytics Graduate Program 

The demand for data analytics is increasing across all sectors of business, and with that comes a need for more trained data analysts. But what exactly does data analytics entail, and what kind of skills does one need to pursue a career in the field? 

In this episode, we talk to our resident expert, Dr. Rouzbeh Razavi, director of the Master of Science in Business Analytics program at Kent State’s College of Business Administration. Dr. Razavi shares how he used data in his former career as a machine learning scientist, and how Kent State has developed an innovative business analytics program based on industry needs. If you want to know more about data analytics, or are considering a career in the field, don’t miss this episode.

To learn more about pursuing a degree in business analytics either in-person or online at Kent State, visit


#1 Golden Flash Asset Management Group 

The Golden Flash Asset Management Group (GFAM) provides student participants the opportunity to manage $1 million in Kent State University assets. In this episode, the founder and faculty co-adviser of the student-managed fund, Dr. Steven Dennis, discusses GFAM's first-place win at the international G.A.M.E. Forum in New York City and shares how GFAM helps student participants gain real-world experience to advance their career opportunities.

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