Earn Your MSBA Near Canton, Ohio

Canton, Ohio is home to rich history, fine cuisine, and beautiful parks. When you think of Canton, the Pro Football Hall of Fame or the MAPS Air Museum may come to mind, and for more casual activities, you might imagine yourself having a drink at the Canton Brewing Company or studying while eating a treat at one of the many bakeries.

Regardless of the way you prefer to spend your days, there is something for everyone in Canton. When it comes time to further your education and you consider earning your MSBA near Canton, the Kent State Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship is your destination.

Kent State University Offers an Online MSBA Program Near Canton

When you enroll in in the online MSBA at Kent State University, you will learn the technical and soft skills needed to excel in your career. Our classes prepare you for the world of leveraging, organizing, and presenting data efficiently. We strive to help you grow your salary and job opportunities with your degree.

Hard and Soft Skills to Take Away

Business analytics goes beyond crunching numbers and big data. With our program, you will be challenged to develop the business and communication skills required to transform this data into strategies for implementation.

Revealing insights from data is a major part of decision-making that corporations value, which is why it is one of our primary focuses. Additionally, our faculty will help inform your strategic decision-making and expand your perspective of ethical thinking while enhancing your knowledge of computer software.

Advantages of Getting Your Canton Online MSBA

With our online MSBA near Canton, you will receive a host of benefits. Choosing online education is ideal for your future because it is convenient, flexible, and maintains the same quality learning as in-person education. By earning your master’s in business analytics near Canton, you will discover the following advantages:

  • The convenience factor of earning your MSBA near Canton is that it is local. You have worked to build your community to be something special, and with our campus being close to you it can more easily accommodate your lifestyle. You will be able to drive to campus for extra help, networking opportunities, or just to visit the vibrant campus.
  • Next, the flexibility of online courses makes your other concerns manageable. If you stay organized and prioritize accordingly, it is possible to manage your personal life while earning your master’s in business analytics near Canton. Whether you have a job, an appointment, or other responsibilities on your mind, you can configure your schedule to accommodate all of the tasks at hand.
  • Lastly, you can take advantage of the flexibility and convenience while feeling assured that our online program maintains the same quality as in-person education. Our online courses are taught by faculty who are experts in industry and research to give you the best education possible.

Benefits of Earning Your MSBA Near Canton

In addition to all of the other benefits you will gain when you choose the Kent State MSBA, you will also benefit from staying local. This is reflected in many aspects of your college experience, including the following:

  • Cost efficiency – In-state tuition is less costly than attending school out of state. This encourages those within close proximity to the university to apply, and allows you to put money toward housing or other necessities.
  • Comfortability with the area – When you are looking for online MSBA options around Canton, our program is right for you. Should you ever have to travel to campus, it will be a quick drive.
  • Closer to home and roots – With our program being located near Canton, Ohio, you will be in close proximity to bookstores and other amenities. Being near home can also make your educational experience more comfortable.
  • Familiarity – If you are from Ohio, you probably have a friend, family member, or acquaintance who attended Kent State to further their education. Whether this means you have the ability to join them or continue their legacy, it is a great opportunity to attend a top-quality institution.

Structure of Our Canton Master’s in Business Analytics

Our program structure is built to be as flexible as possible to make your time spent here worthwhile and rewarding. The structure of our program encompasses the following:

  • 30 credit hours total
  • Full-time schedule allows for graduation in as few as 12 months
  • Fall admission only
  • Expected background in statistics, mathematics, information systems, and general business
  • With more than three years of related work experience, the GRE/GMAT may be waived for admission
  • 100% online delivery

Proceed with Your Future Plans

By choosing to earn your MSBA through the Kent State Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship online program, you are able to receive the same great benefits that come with a Kent State education in an environment that is comfortable for you.

When you finish your Canton online MSBA, you will have collected a wide array of skills and knowledge. With your education, the opportunities for jobs after graduation are extensive. If you are looking to become a business development manager, data architect, or statistician, our program can help you achieve those goals.

If you prefer to take a data scientist route or possibly get into market research, our Canton online MSBA can prepare you for that as well. Regardless of the path you have planned, earning your MSBA near Canton with Kent State’s program is your first step.

Connect with the Network of Alumni

When you finish our program, you will join an extensive network of alumni who work at a wide variety of companies in diverse roles. Whether you choose to stay near Canton for your post-graduation plans or have another destination in mind, going to school near Canton to get your master’s in business analytics is a relatable conversation to have when talking to alumni. Not only will you bond over the city itself, but it is also possible to hear about their past experiences and your future.

Apply to Our Canton Online MSBA Today!

Earning your master’s degree should not be an inconvenience. At Kent State, you can earn your MSBA near Canton and stay in an area that you are familiar with and enjoy.

Apply to our program today to get started. We look forward to being of assistance as you further your education!