Stand Out to Employers – Build Your Skills with an Online MBA

Have you experienced the disappointment of submitting your résumé for your dream job only to get a rejection, or no response at all? The natural response people have to that scenario is often, “But I was PERFECT for that position! What are they looking for that I don’t have?”

Determining what employers want is crucial to helping you show how you can be a good fit in their organizations.

So what exactly do employers want? The answer depends on the stage of your career that you are in. Whether you are right out of school or a seasoned professional, pursuing an online MBA degree can help build your résumé.

For entry-level professionals right out of school without a significant amount of professional experience, employers are looking for well-rounded individuals with transferable skills demonstrated in one environment that can be applied to other tasks in a different type of environment. Being able to showcase projects you have completed in the online MBA program is a great way to demonstrate your growing skills and understanding of advanced business topics.

For more experienced professionals, employers are looking for people who have grown in their careers and have a history of applying their knowledge, skills and abilities to deliver results in a way that aligns with the organization’s values. If you are looking to enhance your skills to obtain a promotion or make a career move, pursuing an MBA degree online can provide you with tools to grow in your current role and new skills and knowledge to add to your résumé.

The top transferable skills that employers want (according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers) include the following:

  1. Leadership
  2. Ability to work in a team
  3. Written communication skills
  4. Problem-solving skills
  5. Strong work ethic
  6. Analytical/quantitative skills
  7. Technical skills
  8. Verbal communication skills
  9. Initiative
  10. Computer skills

Employers want high achievers who have the right blend of technical and soft skills and who can effectively demonstrate that through the entire selection process, from their résumé to interviews to conversations that happen as the offer is made. Kent State boasts one of the best online MBA programs – being ranked in the top 100 programs in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

As you pursue your online MBA degree, leverage opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills through courses, projects, and leadership assignments. Take a look at your current résumé and see what may be missing. Use your time in the program to help fill in those gaps and build your professional brand and reputation.

Written by:

Amy Thomason,
MBA Career Coach