A Complete Guide to Jobs for MBA Graduates

At the Kent State Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship, our goal is to prepare students for the working world after they graduate. Upon completing our MBA program, graduates will showcase expertise in critical thinking, digital technology, communication, teamwork, and ethical management.

Earning your MBA can enhance your career opportunities, increase compensation, and may even lead to job promotions. While there are various benefits of graduating with your MBA, one key aspect is the versatility it provides. New doors open when it comes to jobs for MBA graduates, as opportunities can be found anywhere from start-ups to major corporations. In the end, it all comes down to what type of job you are looking for after completing the MBA.

Skills to Help You Excel in MBA Jobs

Employers are always searching for essential skillsets when hiring within MBA career paths. While the MBA program prepares students to thrive in their future MBA job opportunities, it is vital to understand which skills you want to emphasize in your interview. Some of the skills that make a successful MBA job candidate include:

  • Communication – There is an emphasis on building relationships when discussing MBA jobs, and it is important to understand how to communicate to many different types of people to get your ideas across. Expressing yourself clearly and concisely is a major factor in achieving success in any industry.

  • Flexibility – In certain MBA career paths, you may find yourself with a variety of responsibilities, and the need to wear different hats. The ability to quickly switch projects and understand time management is key.

  • Strategic thinking – Having a leadership role comes with the responsibility of having to make big decisions. This skill consists of taking the time to research and reflect before making any course of action.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset – To truly stand out, you will want to strive for ways to be ahead of the curve. The ability to spot a gap in the market and develop fresh ideas to drive business is vital.

  • Leadership – In MBA career paths, leadership is valued as it is needed to help any team achieve a common goal. With strong skills in place, you will supervise, manage, and motivate your teammates, making you a reliable component of the company.

MBA Careers You Could Pursue

Jobs for MBA graduates span diverse industries, opening up opportunities to work in varied fields you may be interested in. While the options are virtually endless, here is a list of seven possible MBA jobs:

1. Business development manager

While this job goes by several titles such as business development consultant or sales development executive, the core concepts remain the same. Your purpose in this role is to grow the company by identifying and seizing new revenue opportunities.

2. Finance manager

When looking for MBA careers that focus on numbers and analytics, this is a great option. Having a firm grasp of accounting practices is a major part of this role, as well as using financial insights to guide business decisions.

3. Marketing manager

When it comes to jobs after the MBA, this particular role uses key skills you utilized during your program, such as planning, budgeting, and, of course, leadership.

4. Human resources manager

Human resources managers are involved with recruitment, training, career development, compensation, employee relations, and more. This job strategizes the effective management of employees within an organization.

5. Health services manager

This role is one of many MBA job opportunities in the healthcare field. The position works with patients, medical professionals, and insurance agents, managing the finances and budget of a healthcare facility. In addition, those in this role hire, train, and supervise employees.

6. IT manager

As an IT manager, your responsibilities would include ensuring computer systems meet a company’s needs, upgrading technology, and keeping systems secure.

7. Management consultant

This role helps assist companies facing major obstacles or those at a critical point in their development. Day-to-day duties include working with company leadership and determining ways to improve efficiency, profitability, technology, and more.

All of these fields and career paths, when paired with your MBA degree, create a combination for success. These MBA careers will allow you to move forward financially, personally, and professionally.

Kent State Helps Find Jobs for MBA Graduates

The MBA program at Kent State provides students with the education needed to be successful in future MBA jobs, and we also supply unique opportunities to explore MBA career paths outside of the classroom. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Study abroad – Whether you are considering a short-term trip or a full semester abroad, Kent State allows you to explore how business operates in a global economy. On these trips, you will receive exposure to MBA job opportunities in places such as Ireland, France, India, Switzerland, and Brazil.

  • Career Services Office – The purpose of the Career Services Office is to provide support and resources in every aspect of the career development process. We have a professional development course built into the MBA program that helps guide the process of finding jobs for MBA graduates. Internships and career fairs are also available to students wanting to discover jobs after the MBA degree is earned.

  • Case competitions – These competitions help showcase issues that businesses face today. The process of researching, evaluating, and presenting help refine skills, and allows students to showcase their talent to experienced business leaders.

Our MBA program is offered both fully online and in-person to ensure that you are able to advance your skillset at the pace and schedule you prefer.

Learn About How Kent State Prepares You for MBA Careers

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