Ph.D. Accounting concentration

Ph.D. in Business Administration - Accounting

The Ph.D. Accounting concentration provides you with research and teaching skills that prepare you for an academic career in accounting. You will gain valuable knowledge and research experience in the areas of auditing, managerial accounting and financial accounting.




Concentration Courses

Courses in the accounting concentration focus on relevant areas of knowledge including issues in auditing, financial and managerial accounting, and research methodologies. 



The Department of Accounting considers research mentoring a critical component in the education of our Ph.D. students. Students learn research skills not only during the coursework but also through the graduate assistantship program and in their dissertation work. Students will learn how a research project is conducted right from the start. Faculty mentors and students are encouraged to work on joint research projects. It is expected that papers developed through such joint work are presented at the meetings of the American Accounting Association and submitted to recognized academic journals.

The Department of Accounting also considers teaching mentorship to be an important component of our Ph.D. program. The teaching mentoring program provides students with the opportunity to build their teaching skills. Doctoral students will work closely with an assigned teaching mentor to develop teaching skills in a variety of areas, including communications, student engagement, assessment, and educational technology. The first time a student teaches during the doctoral program, the student will work closely with an assigned teaching mentor for that specific course.


Graduates of our accounting doctoral program have gone on to accept faculty positions at The University of Illinois, Pennsylvania State University,  The University of Minnesota, The University of South Dakota, Saint Bonaventure University and Concord University. 

Research Faculty