Candidate Interview

Interviews are an important part of the podiatric medical school application process. Your application provides great insight into your academic history, shadowing experiences, and extracurricular involvements; however, the interview is our chance to better understand you as an aspiring physician – the type of person you are, what matters to you, and why you have chosen to become a podiatric physician.

At KSUCPM, candidate interviews are conducted by a member of the Enrollment Management Team and a faculty member. KSUCPM will not extend any offers, including conditional offers until an interview has been conducted.



The 2023-2024 interviews will be conducted in person and virtually. Each candidate will only participate in one interview (either in person or virtually).  Interviews take place from mid-August to mid-July and are scheduled in the Eastern Time Zone.

In-Person InterviewSchedule your In-Person Interview.

The in-person interview is a great way to experience KSUCPM – the comradery, the educational resources, and the city of Cleveland, to name a few. Meet all members of the Enrollment Management team and the Dean of the College, tour the campus, participate in a hands-on workshop, interact with KSUCPM Faculty Members, and enjoy lunch with our student ambassadors.   

Candidates who select to interview in person (and live over 40 miles from KSUCPM) are eligible for a complimentary hotel stay. Supplemental information can be found in the invitation to interview email.

Click here to view a typical in-person interview schedule.


Virtual InterviewSchedule your Virtual Interview.

Virtual Interviews will be conducted through Microsoft Teams. In the days leading to your selected virtual interview date, a member of the Enrollment Management Office will finalize the interview and send you an invitation via email and calendar hold.

  • AM session: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm EST

  • PM session: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST

In the minutes leading to your scheduled interview, click the link. You do not need to download Microsoft Teams, as it can be accessed on the web. The virtual interview should not surpass 30 minutes.

The Enrollment Management Office will also host several virtual student panel sessions. If possible, we encourage you to select a student panel prior to your interview, as it will help familiarize you with the Microsoft Teams platform.

Click here to learn more about the Virtual Interview opportunity at KSUCPM.


At the end of your interview experience, you can expect to have a deeper understanding of our people, our culture, our program, and most of all, how you might see yourself thriving in our community. Please reach out if KSUCPM can provide any additional information to support your decision.



It is important to prepare for your interview. Minimally,

  • Review everything you submitted in your application.

  • Thoroughly research all programs being considered and prepare your questions.

  • Be professional. Professionalism includes attire, and interactions with interviewers, school staff, and students – by email, telephone, and in person.

  • Relax and be yourself. You’ve done the world already; now let your passion for podiatric medicine shine.



After the interview, you will receive an update on your candidacy. There are three outcomes: immediate acceptance, alternate list, or deny acceptance. You will be notified of a decision electronically within two weeks of your interview.


Each interviewer volunteers their time and must be informed of changes in the schedule well in advance.

Candidates who wish to withdraw their application should notify the Office of Admissions by email. If an interview has been scheduled, please notify the office as soon as possible, as another applicant may be given the opportunity to fill the vacated time slot.

We are looking forward to meeting you and further discussing your passion for podiatric medicine. If you have concerns or need to reschedule your interview, contact our Office of Admissions at or 216-231-3300.