How to help someone in distress


A change in the behavior of a friend, roommate, classmate or student can make us question what exactly they might be going through.

Step Up & Speak Out provides you with helpful information to recognize the signs of someone that is disruptive, distressed or suicidal and how to respond. 

IMMEDIATE DANGER - During Normal Business Hours:

  • If you believe there is imminent danger of harm to the student or someone else, contact police at 911.
  • If you believe the student should be seen immediately, walk them to the Counseling & Wellness Services office located on the 4th floor at CPM. If the counselor is out of the office at that time see Lorie Evans 216.916.7489
  • If you’re not certain how to approach someone about their seeking help, call Counseling & Wellness Services at CPM 216.916.7524.
  • Familiarize yourself with the services that CPM provides on campus as well as through the community resources on the University’s website.