How to help someone in distress

A change in the behavior of a friend, roommate, classmate or student can make us question what exactly they might be going through.

Step Up & Speak Out provides you with helpful information to recognize the signs of someone that is disruptive, distressed or suicidal and how to respond. 

IMMEDIATE DANGER - During Normal Business Hours:

  • If you believe there is imminent danger of harm to the individual or someone else, contact police at 911.
  • If you believe the student should be seen immediately, walk them to the Counseling & Wellness Services office located on the 4th floor at CPM.
    If the counselor is out of the office at that time see Lorie Evans 216.916.7489 or Carla Ronnebaum 216.916.7488
    Their offices are located on the 1st floor in Enrollment Services
  • If you’re not certain how to approach someone about their seeking help, call Counseling & Wellness Services at CPM 216.916.7524.
  • Familiarize yourself with the services that CPM provides on campus as well as through the community resources on the University’s website.