Immediate or Non-Emergent Actions



  • If you believe there is imminent danger of harm to the student or someone else, contact police at 911.
  • If you believe the student should be seen immediately, walk them to the Counseling & Wellness Services office located on the 4th floor at KSUCPM.  If the counselor is out of the office at that time see Lorie Evans 216.916.7489


  • If you are concerned about a student but are uncertain about how to approach the situation, call Theresa Novak, Counseling & Wellness Services for a confidential consultation at 216.916.7524 or email

What to do?
Showing that you care by talking with a student that is experiencing stress or distress can helpful. Here are some things to consider as you do so:

Ensure privacy
Find a place that offers privacy and comfort so that the student can talk openly without fear of others hearing. Listening attentively may help the student feel less isolated and gain confidence in taking steps toward wellness.

Never promise confidentiality
You don’t know what a student will disclose to you and you don’t know if danger is imminent.

Be factual, respectful and direct
Be specific. Express your concern and share your observations of the changes you have seen in them. For example, say, “I’ve noticed that you haven’t been your usual talkative self with others lately.”

Respond thoughtfully
A student may react emotionally to the conversation. Remember that your empathetic approach may help them feel heard and validated in the conversation.

Familiarize yourself with the services that KSUCPM provides on campus as well as through the community resources on the college's website. Explain ways that help are available, and emphasize that seeking help is a sign of strength.