Speakers Bureau Column 1

Leslie Heaphy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of History

  • Negro Baseball League
  • Women in Sports
  • African-American Sporting Pioneers

Alicia Pieper, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Human Development & Family Studies

  • In-Laws Come with Marriage - Why Not Get Along with Them?

Emily Ribnik, M.Ed.

Professional Clinical Counselor & Supervisor

  • Law Enforcement Mental Health Training
  • Crisis Response and Management
  • Verbal De-escalation
  • College Student Mental Health Counseling
  • Suicide Prevention and Intervention
  • Law Enforcement/First Responder Trauma

Faith Sheaffer-Polen, M.B.A.

Director of The Corporate University

  • The Corporate University Services Overview
  • Career Management
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Interviewing
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Networking Your Way to Success