The Kent State Stark Library provides resources and services that help meet the instructional and research needs of students, faculty and staff of both Kent State University at Stark and Stark State College. We also serve our local community. While many services are remotely available through this site, please keep in mind that the full range of library services, including personal help by our library staff, is offered to users that come into the library.

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Art in the LibraryArt in the Library

The Library displays current student art throughout the building. The pieces are creations of students enrolled in various art classes on campus. Come in and experience the artwork in person.

Library Second Floor - Quiet Space

The Library has designated the second floor as a Quiet Space for individual study and leisure reading. While on this floor, please refrain from any activity that may distract others from studying or otherwise using the Library for individual research. Group study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis (unless there are posted signs indicating they are reserved). When using the Group Study rooms, please be as quiet as possible and respectful of others on the second floor. Individuals may use Group Study rooms. However, if a group (more than 1 student) needs to use a Group Study room, an individual may be asked to relinquish the room.

Acceptable Use Policy

The Library provides 40+ workstations for people who come into the library. In addition, students may choose to checkout a laptop. These computers are provided for educational purposes. The Acceptable Use Policy describes the appropriate ways these computers should be used. The policy is posted on the library's web site, at each set of desktop computers and near print stations.