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Stark Parking Services

Parking is FREE at Kent State Stark. 

However, hang tag parking permits are required for fall and spring semesters.

Parking Permits for Fall & Spring Semesters

Kent State University at Stark requires all registered students to display hang tag parking permits in their vehicles to park on campus. Parking permits will be provided free of charge to all registered Kent State Stark students.

  • Your Kent State Stark parking permit will be mailed to your permanent address. If you're not sure that Kent State has your permanent address, take a moment to visit FlashLine to update your address information. Log into FlashLine > click on the profile image to access the Secure Account Access section on the My Profile page > Addresses & Phone Number(s) and make any changes necessary. 
  • Hang tag parking permits will be required in all designated student lots.
  • Kent Campus parking permits are honored on the Stark Campus.
  • Stark Campus parking permits are NOT honored on the Kent Campus.


Spring 2019

  • If you registered for classes on or before Dec. 17, parking permits will be mailed the week of Dec. 17 to your permanent address.
  • If you registered for classes after Dec. 17, pick up your parking permit in the Facilities Office, 131 Main Hall.

Parking permits issued during Fall 2018 are also good for Spring 2019. 

Parking Permits for Summer Terms

Parking permits are not issued for students attending during the summer. Students should park only in designated student lots.

Parking Locations & Violations

Students parking outside of designated student lots will be parked illegally and will receive a violation sticker on their vehicles from Kent State Stark security officers.

There are several parking lots available for student use on the campus. Kent State Stark's goal is to provide an adequate number of parking spaces for all students. Although adequate parking is provided on campus as a whole, it does not guarantee a parking space immediately adjacent to the building in which students have a particular class.

Parking violations include, but are not limited to, parking in a space designated as handicapped without a state handicapped permit; utilizing more than one parking space per vehicle; parking in an area designated as faculty/staff or visitors' parking without the proper permit; parking a vehicle in a space other than a designated parking area; parking an oversized or recreational vehicle, boat, or trailer on campus without permission; leaving a vehicle on campus overnight without prior permission. Vehicles are not permitted on playing fields other than exceptions noted in the contract. Cars are not permitted to be parked along the playing fields on Frank Avenue. Jackson Township Police Department will be notified if this occurs.

Accessible Parking

Clearly marked accessible parking spaces have been established at various locations around the campus. A state-issued disability parking placard or plate is required and must be properly displayed in order to park in these areas.  

Bicycles & Motorcycles

Bicycles must be stored in appropriate bike racks located on the concrete pad in the Frank Avenue student parking lot or the Faculty/Staff lot located behind the Fine Arts Building. Bicycles parked in any other campus location is subject to receiving a VIOLATION sticker as well as Campus Security locking it; the owner must contact Campus Security to release it.

Motorcycles are encouraged to park on the designated concrete pad located in the Frank Avenue student parking lot (#101) and the Fine Arts student parking lot (#107). Motorcycles may park in any asphalt parking space PROVIDED that the driver uses a "kickstand disk" to ensure the kickstand does not gouge into and destroy the asphalt below it. Motorcycles found in asphalt parking lots without the use of a kickstand disk are subject to receiving a VIOLATION sticker. Parking permits are not required for motorcycles provided they are parked in the designated areas.