Student Involvement


Effective March 16, 2020:
To slow transmission of COVID-19 and remain consistent with recommendations from state health authorities to practice physical distancing, all Kent State University campuses are closed until further notice.

During this time, Kent State Stark Student Involvement will assist students remotely.


Ashley Brightbill

Getting involved on campus is one of the quickest ways to become part of the university community and create your own Kent State University at Stark experience.

Rooted in tradition and school spirit, one thing is for certain, you will not lack for interesting and engaging activities and educational experiences on campus. Whether you are looking for a social club to make new friends or an academic organization to enhance your networking potential, Kent State Stark provides students with many opportunities to get involved in ways that foster the cocurricular experience.

Every student at Kent State University at Stark plays an important part in our campus community. 

What We Do For You 

  • Support students through unique programs and opportunities.
  • Connect students to various resources available on campus.
  • Engage students with the Kent Campus and local community.
  • Assess the needs of commuter students.
  • Connect students to Kent Campus resources.

Why should you get involved at Kent State Stark?

  • Complement your major by joining an academic student organization.
  • Connect with other students who share similar interests.
  • Expose yourself to new cultures, experiences, ideas, issues and lifestyles.
  • Build your résumé with demonstrated leadership and decision-making skills.
  • Appreciate the complete college experience that Kent State Stark has to offer.


The Kent State University at Stark Office of Student Involvement exists to support student groups and initiatives on campus. Members of an organization unite to experience education beyond the boundaries of the classroom walls. Many of the clubs at Kent State Stark are cocurricular, providing an environment in which subject knowledge can be expanded through various activities such as field trips, roundtable discussions, community service, debates, presentations, etc. These activities are just a few ways that students can enhance their personal growth as a college student. Program support and leadership opportunities are provided to the campus in order to foster the cocurricular experience.