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A College Education is an Investment in Your Future

A college education is a big investment that often requires some financial juggling and even sacrifice. And yet today, more than ever, a college education is necessary to keep pace with our ever-changing economy. A U.S. Census Bureau study shows that with a college degree, you can earn over a million dollars more during the course of your lifetime than you might expect to earn without one. A college education is an investment in your future, and the rewards last a lifetime.

The tuition information below reflects generalized rates and are intended to act as a guide. Actual tuition costs may vary based on a student’s chosen academic plan.  

Stark Tuition at a Glance

2017-2018 Fall/Spring Regional Campus
Undergraduate Tuition

Per Year
Based on 12-184 credit hours each semester. Does not include additional program fees, special course fees, online fees, etc.
$5,664 lower division²
$6,638 upper division³
$14,028 lower division² 
$15,002 upper division³
Per Credit Hour $258 lower division²
$302 upper division³
$620 lower division²
$664 upper division³

2018 Summer Regional Campus
Undergraduate Tuition

Per Credit Hour
There is no flat rate for summer. Students pay the per credit hour rate for each credit hour they are registered for.
$258 lower division²
$302 upper division³
$620 lower division²
$664 upper division³

  > click on Regional Campus: Fall/Spring tab

In those cases where a student is taking 12-18 hours and attending a Regional campus and the Kent campus concurrently, tuition will be assessed individually for each campus. These individual tuition assessments added together will not exceed the Kent campus 12-18 hour rate during fall and spring terms.

¹ The general fee is used to fund various non-instructional student and academic support services and operations at the Regional Campuses. Examples include disability services, learning centers, student activities and organizations.

² Lower Division includes 10000 and 20000 level courses. Students only taking regional campus lower division courses will not be assessed more than the respective 12-18 hour rate.        

³ Upper Division includes 30000 and 40000 level courses. Students only taking regional campus lower and upper division courses will not be assessed more than the respective upper division 12-18 hour rate. 

⁴ Students enrolled at both a Regional campus and the Kent campus for more than 18 credit hours will be assessed an additional $456 per credit hour for each credit hour enrolled above 18.

Note: There is an additional $142.00 per credit hour instructional fee for lower division and $98.00 per credit hour instructional fee for upper division fully online regional campuses courses. This fee excludes online courses associated exclusively with the Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Technical Studies, and Associate of Applied Business programs.

Graduate Tuition

Graduate tuition rates at the Stark Campus are the same as the Kent Campus graduate tuition rates (click on the Kent Campus: Per-credit hour tab).   

Related Fall/Spring Expenses (estimates) for Full-time Undergraduate Students

  • Books & Supplies: $1,200
  • Transportation: $1,458
  • Personal Expenses: $2,124

Student Billing, Tuition & Payment Deadlines

All student billing and tuition information can be found on the One Stop website.

Stark Payment Information

Fee Payment Methods
The Office of Student Services accepts cash, money orders and personal checks for payments of fees. Credit card payments must be done online. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club and Discover are the only credit cards accepted. A convenience fee of 2.9% will be charged to all credit card payments.

Students may make payments online through a secure website at There is an authorized user and pinless user option for parents who are making payments. Checks can also be processed online at no cost using this option.

If submitting a check payment by mail, send your check to the address listed on your invoice or:
Office of Student Services
Attn: Cashier
Kent State University at Stark
6000 Frank Avenue NW
North Canton OH 44720

Include the student's full name and Kent State ID Number on the check. Mailed payments should be at the Post Office no less than seven business days before the due date.

Check, money orders and cash payments may be made in person in the Office of Student Services during regular office hours.


Office of Student Services
132 Main Hall