The CARES Team at Kent State University at Stark provides a way for the campus community to share information about students who exhibit concerning, destructive or unusual behavior. When appropriate, the team provides supportive, positive interventions in an attempt to prevent a situation or behavior from escalating.

The CARES Team will make its best effort to evaluate and respond to each submitted concern. However, the CARES Team is not a law enforcement agency. All emergency matters should be reported immediately to 911 and all criminal or safety matters should be reported immediately to your local police or to university personnel.


Examples of concerning behavior can include, but are not limited to:

  • Erratic behavior that is distracting and/or disruptive to the learning environment, in the classroom or elsewhere on campus (including online activities)
  • Violations of personal space both physically and via communications
  • Implied or direct threat of harm to themselves or others
  • Display of, or suggestive talk about, what is thought to be a weapon or something to be used for harm or disruption
  • Physical or verbal confrontation or discomforting statements
  • Stalking or harassment behavior towards a faculty member or student
  • Bizarre or odd behavior
  • Threatening, aggressive or hostile communications (verbal and/or electronic)
  • Clearly noticeable changes in behavior, demeanor, dress, or personality from what was previously as “typical” for that individual
  • Incidents of perceived bias towards you or others