Admission Types | Kent State University

Admission Types

Select your admission type for application requirements:

You have not registered, attended or received financial aid at any college, university, technical or proprietary school after graduation from high school. Students who took College Credit Plus classes (formerly PSEO or dual credit) while in high school will apply for admission as a freshman.

You have registered, attended or received financial aid at any college, university, technical or proprietary school since graduating from high school, but have not completed a bachelor's degree. You are still considered a transfer student even if you don't think your previous credits will transfer to Kent State.

A guest (transient) student may be defined as either:

  • A student enrolled at another institution who wishes to take courses at Kent State University. These students typically take classes at Kent State for one semester or over the summer and then return to their home institution.
  • A student who wants to take a limited number of courses for credit (maximum 18 credit hours) for personal enrichment and has no interest in pursuing a degree.

You have received a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university (this includes students who attended another college after graduating from Kent State).

You are a high school student who wishes to participate Ohio's College Credit Plus program.

You are an Ohio senior citizen 60 years of age and older and would like to take credit classes.

You want to pursue a master's degree after earning your undergraduate degree. You will apply for admission through Graduate Studies at Kent State.

All international students must apply online through the Kent Campus.

Former Kent State Students

You are a former Kent State University student who has been away from the university for at least one year, was not dismissed from Kent State, and did not attend any other college or university. You'd now like to reenroll at Kent State.

  • If you attended another college or university after leaving Kent State, you must reapply as a transfer student.
  • If you earned a bachelor's degree from another institution, apply as a postundergraduate student.

You were academically dismissed from Kent State and would like to be reinstated.