Transfer Admission

A transfer student has enrolled in a college, university, technical or proprietary school after graduation from high school, but has not completed a bachelor's degree. 

You are still considered a transfer student even if you don't think your previous credits will transfer to Kent State.



1. Official high school transcript or GED transcripts

  • Not required if you have successfully completed 12 or more college-level semester hours.

2. Official transcripts from every college or university you attended

  • Submit official transcripts from every college college or university you attended after high school (or after receiving your GED), even if you feel credit will not be transferable. Failure to report previously attended colleges or universities is falsification and may result in denial of admission or dismissal from the university. To request official transcripts be sent, see instructions below.

3. ACT or SAT scores are optional, but recommended

  • ACT or SAT scores help your academic advisor determine which Kent State courses are best for you. If you've taken the ACT or SAT, we encourage you to submit your scores to Kent State Stark.

4. If applicableofficial College Credit Plus transcripts 

  • Transcripts should come from the college or university (not high school) from which college credit was awarded. To request official transcripts to be sent, see instructions below.



Sources to help you understand what courses transfer to Kent State.

Kent State Transfer Credit Guide

Visit Kent State's Transfer Credit Guide to find out how courses you have taken at your previous institution(s) will transfer to Kent State. This information is updated to help you see how your prior courses will transfer.


Transferology is a nation-wide network designed to help students explore college transfer options. It saves students time and money by providing a quick, intuitive way of getting college transfer credit questions answered.


Transcripts are considered official only if they arrive in a sealed letterhead envelope from a high school, college or university. Transcripts issued directly to the student will be accepted only if the envelope is unopened. Once the envelope seal has been broken by someone other than a university employee, the transcript becomes unofficial.

Send official transcripts to:
Office of Admissions
Kent State University at Stark
6000 Frank Avenue NW
North Canton OH 44720

Electronic transcripts: (Ohio schools only)
Parchment and/or eScrip-Safe transcripts can be emailed to