Information for Students

High school students … learn more about Excite to Write

Excite to Write exists to recognize the excellent work you are doing now,  even before entering college because good writing skills matter and should be rewarded. The program also looks to strengthen Kent State Trumbull’s connection with you, because local students like you make up most of its student body.

You can submit your fiction or nonfiction to one of these categories:
1.            Short analytical essays (700-1000 words)
2.            Research papers (1000-1700 words)
3.            Short-stories (700-1000 words)
4.            Poetry

Submission Form 

We welcome submissions that:

  • Provide a creative and original exploration of a particular topic
  • Demonstrate complex and insightful critical thinking
  • Display a sophisticated use of relevant examples
  • Exhibit a thorough understanding of writing conventions
    • Essay structure and paragraph construction
    • Citation and format (suggested styles: MLA and APA)
    • Mechanics (correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar)
  • When your essay is selected for Excite to Write, you will:
    Be recognized as an important part of a community of writers.
    Be published on the Excite to Write website.
    Be eligible to win a scholarship: Four seniors will be awarded a $750 Scholarship to Kent State University at Trumbull. 
  • Follow these steps to submit your writing to Excite to Write:

    Step 1: Select a recently completed writing assignment from one of your English courses. This should be an essay, research paper, a narrative, and so on.

    Step 2: Complete the online form and attach your submissions, preferably as a Word document, via our online form or emailed to or Please include your instructor's name.

Important dates:

  • November 1: Submission period begins.
  • January 25: Submission period ends.
  • Mid-February 2018: Winners notified and essays published online.

All papers submitted will be read by Kent State University at Trumbull English faculty and English majors. 

By submitting your work, you are giving the Excite to Write editorial board permission to publish your work online via the Kent State University at Trumbull website.