‘Elizabeth Z. Bartz Scholarship for Howland Tigers’ Finds Success with First Recipient; The 2017 scholarship Opportunity Now Available for Kent State University at Trumbull

Elizabeth Z. Bartz Scholarship for Howland Tigers

Ms. Kayleigh Crumb has been an excellent choice as the first student to receive the recently endowed ‘Elizabeth Z. Bartz Scholarship for Howland Tigers,’ given to a graduate of Howland High School and entering Kent State University at Trumbull Campus as a freshman.

Ms. Crumb received the 2016 scholarship award last Fall, after graduating from high school, and enrolling at the KSU Trumbull campus. After the first semester at the university, she was named to the Dean’s List by achieving a 4.0 grade average. In addition, she also received a KSU Trumbull Freshman Scholarship for her efforts.

According to Ms. Elizabeth Z. Bartz, the President and CEO of State and Federal Communications, who provided the $30,000 endowment to Kent State University at Trumbull for the ongoing scholarship program for graduating seniors from Howland High School, “I am delighted that Kayleigh was the first student from Howland High School to receive this scholarship. She has already done so well and has a bright future ahead of her. I endowed this scholarship last year in honor of my 40-year graduation anniversary from Howland High School because I wanted to give back and help graduating seniors from Howland High School attend the local area KSU Trumbull Campus, just like I did. Meeting Kayleigh has showed me I made the right decision to help promising students pay their early college costs.”

Ms. Crumb adds, “I want to be a news anchor or work in the broadcasting field with my journalism major. Even while at Howland High School I was able to take classes offered by Kent State and was able to obtain nine college course credits. This scholarship, generously provided by Ms. Bartz, helped me a lot so I could attend Kent State University at Trumbull, where I am getting the same education as the main campus in an affordable, safe and convenient location.”

Starting this Fall 2017, Ms. Crumb will attend the main campus of Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, for her second year of classes. She is also being inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success later this month, the nation's largest leadership honor society.

For upcoming seniors at Howland High School who will graduate and then attend Kent State University at Trumbull this Fall, they can learn more about the ‘Elizabeth Z. Bartz Scholarship for Howland Tigers’ and apply starting May 1, 2017 at this KSU website page: http://www.kent.edu/trumbull/campus-scholarships

Ms. Bartz, who graduated from Kent State University having earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism in 1980 and a Master of Arts Degree in Political Science in 1982, credits the KSU Trumbull Campus and its professors as the place and people who supported her at the beginning of her university journey. Her endowment now ensures a scholarship is awarded each year to a Howland High School graduate, in a program managed by KSU.

POSTED: Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 3:46pm
UPDATED: Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 3:59pm