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Ph.D. in Finance

The Ph.D. in Finance program provides you with a working knowledge of the theory of corporate finance, investment and financial decision-making. You will also gain research and teaching experience through the mentorship program.

  • Xiaoling Pu, Ph.D.
    Olga A. Mural Risk Management Associate Professorship, Ph.D. in F​​​​​​inance Program Coordinator
  • Xialong Pu, Finance Ph.D. Coordinator

Ph.D. in Finance Courses

  • FIN 86061: Theories of Financial Decision-Making
  • FIN 86062: Theory of Corporate Finance
  • FIN 86064: International Financial Markets, Institutions and Management
  • FIN 86066: Investment Theory
  • FIN 86098: Research in Finance



The mentorship program in Finance prepares Ph.D. students for their eventual transition to professional careers in academia and industry by fostering the acquisition and development of teaching and research expertise through individual apprenticeship with the faculty. 

In teaching, Ph.D. students initially assist faculty in classroom instruction. They observe the teaching styles of faculty, participate in the discussion and creation of teaching materials, provide tutorial aid for undergraduate and graduate students and otherwise immerse themselves in the teaching experience. Upon successful completion of this initial assignment, Ph.D. students are given pedagogical responsibility for their own section of undergraduate courses under appropriate faculty direction and supervision. In research, students learn how to conduct research by doing a guided independent study the with faculty of their choice.  

Research Faculty

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