Alumni Service Award

The KSUCPM Service Award honors alumni for their extraordinary service to the College of Podiatric Medicine. This award is given to those who have displayed a connection through generously contributing their personal time and talents for the enrichment and betterment of KSUCPM.

KSUCPM Alumni Service Award Recipients

2016 Karen Kellogg, DPM, MBA, Class of 2000
2017 Gene Pascarella, DPM, Class of 1982
2018 Thomas Brosky, DPM, Class of 1997
2019 David H. Gross, DPM, Class of 1971
2019 Donna M. Pacchioni, EMBA
2020 Debra Thornton, DPM, Class of 1986
2021 Coleman Clougherty, DPM, Class of 2012
2022 Brian Pekarek, DPM, Class of 2003