Young Physician Professional Award

The Young Physician Professional Achievement Award honors alumni that have been in practice less than 15 years and have showcased a high level of achievement within the field of podiatry, as well as dedication and support to the college. This award is presented to leaders who continue to show potential within the podiatric community. 

Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine Young physician professional award recipients

      2016        Nichol Salvo, DPM
Class of 2004
2017 Jonathan Sharpe, DPM
Class of 2004
Michael Canales, DPM           
Class of 2004
2018 Coleman Clougherty, DPM         
Class of 2012
2019 William T. DeCarbo, DPM Class of 2004   
2020 Frank Luckino, DPM Class of 2011  
2021 Lauren Kishman, DPM, Class of 2011  
2022 Alton Johnson, DPM, Class of 2016