KSUCPM Hall of Fame Society

The CPM Hall of Fame Society is the most prestigious award given to our alumni. The College of Podiatric Medicine Hall of Fame Society honors distinguished alumni in recognition of their outstanding contributions and achievements within the podiatric community, who have demonstrated ongoing support and appreciation to their alma mater after 20 years or more. 

Nomination Criteria:

  • Must be a CPM Graduate who expresses a strong appreciation and loyalty towards their alma mater
  • 20 years or greater of dedicated service in the field of podiatry
  • Prior or current experience serving on a board / committees involving the podiatric medical community
  • Recognized as distinguished clinician / practitioner with outstanding professionalism and contributions to the achievements within the podiatric medical community
  • Demonstrates the highest moral and ethical values associated with podiatry
  • Can be nominated posthumously

Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine Hall of Fame Society

2007 Inductees Richard J. Berkowitz, DPM
Class of 1977
Henry B. Green, DPM
Class of 1968
Raymond J. Suppan, DPM
Class of 1954
2008 Inductees Steven J. Berlin, DPM
Class of 1966
Richard A. Ransom, DPM
Class of 1972
Allan M. Spencer, DPM
Class of 1958
2009 Inductees James A. Conforti, DPM
Class of 1944
H. Darrel Darby, DPM
Class of 1956
Jeffrey M. Robbins, DPM
Class of 1976
2010 Inductees Mildred K. Dixon, DPM
Class of 1944
B. C. Egerter, DPM
Class of 1933
Earl G. Kaplan, DPM
Class of 1943
2011 Inductees Terence B. Albright, DPM
Class of 1975
William F. Munsey, DPM
Class of 1954
Hal Ornstein, DPM
Class of 1987
2012 Inductees Allan M. Boike, DPM
Class of 1982
Jerauld Ferritto, DPM
Class of 1976
Michael King, DPM
Class of 1983
2013 Inductees Timothy J. Byron, DPM
Class of 1971
Edward J. Fiffick, DPM
Class of 1959
Lawrence S. Osher, DPM
Class of 1982
2014 Inductees Bruce Blank, DPM
Class of 1987
Richard DiBacco, DPM
Class of 1967
2015 Inductees Lawrence A. DiDomenico, DPM Class of 1987 H. John Visser, DPM
Class of 1978
2016 Inductees Barry L. Scurran, DPM Class of 1973
Gary "Dock" Dockery, DPM Class of 1976

Morton M. Polokoff, DPM Class of 1932

2017 Inductees John E. George, DPM
Class of 1964
Elliott W. Biggs, DPM
Class of 1970


2018 Inductees Irvin I. Donick, DPM Class of 1963 Marchelle L. Suppan, DPM Class of 1980
Harry Goldsmith DPM Class of 1976
2019 Inductees Winfield E. Butlin, DPM Class of  1964 Jay D. Lifshen, DPM Clas of 1976 Steven P. Brancheau, DPM Class of 1980
2020 Inductees Marc Lenet, DPM, Class of 1970 James Dooley, DPM, Class of 1968


2021 Inductees David Alper, DPM, Class of 1983 Robert "Tim" Yoho, DPM, MS, FACFAS, Class of 1985  
2022 Inductees Eugene Pascarella, DPM, Class of 1982 Jordan Grossman, DPM, Class of 1993