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A Transformed KSU
Name E-mail User Role
rfogle1 rfogle1@kent.edu editor
Academic Diversity Outreach
Name E-mail User Role
bpickus_stu bpickus_stu@kent.edu administrator member
kpatel43_stu kpatel43_stu@kent.edu administrator member
mhusmann mhusmann@kent.edu administrator member
eswanso8 eswanso8@kent.edu editor
Name E-mail User Role
TMCKOWN tmckown@kent.edu editor
vslomsky vslomsky@kent.edu editor
ayadon_gst ayadon_gst@kent.edu
Adolescent and Young Adult Education
Name E-mail User Role
svannos1 svannos1@kent.edu editor
ktaylo57 ktaylo57@kent.edu editor
sjittapi_stu sjittapi_stu@kent.edu editor
kmurph15 kmurph15@kent.edu editor
cjohn153 cjohn153@kent.edu editor
rjohns81_stu rjohns81_stu@kent.edu editor
lharper lharper@kent.edu editor
jselby5 jselby5@kent.edu editor
yhuang35 yhuang35@kent.edu editor
Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute OLD
Name E-mail User Role
mkavulic mkavulic@kent.edu administrator member, editor
dpompili dpompili@kent.edu editor
hgadipel_stu hgadipel_stu@kent.edu editor
Air Force ROTC Detachment 630
Name E-mail User Role
jmullina jmullina@kent.edu
rlytle3 rlytle3@kent.edu editor
Name E-mail User Role
djporte1 djporte1@kent.edu editor
mwilbur2_stu mwilbur2_stu@kent.edu administrator member, editor
acunni23 acunni23@kent.edu editor