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2017 NEH Summer Institute for College and University Faculty: What is Gained in Translation?
Name E-mail User Role
qsteele qsteele@kent.edu administrator member
fkenney fkenney@kent.edu editor
moneill8 moneill8@kent.edu administrator member
ssnyder5 ssnyder5@kent.edu editor
rhawki10 rhawki10@kent.edu editor
challaha challaha@kent.edu
A Transformed KSU
Name E-mail User Role
rfogle1 rfogle1@kent.edu editor
Name E-mail User Role
ayadon_gst ayadon_gst@kent.edu
apalmie1 apalmie1@kent.edu administrator member
Academic Diversity Outreach
Name E-mail User Role
apalmie1 apalmie1@kent.edu
kpatel43_stu kpatel43_stu@kent.edu administrator member
bpickus_stu bpickus_stu@kent.edu administrator member
mhusmann mhusmann@kent.edu administrator member
aherbers aherbers@kent.edu editor
eswanso8 eswanso8@kent.edu
Academic Personnel
Name E-mail User Role
vkelly vkelly@kent.edu administrator member
apalmie1 apalmie1@kent.edu
challaha challaha@kent.edu editor
khickin khickin@kent.edu editor
landrew2 landrew2@kent.edu administrator member
bhoff1 bhoff1@kent.edu
vcourie vcourie@kent.edu editor
Academic Success Center
Name E-mail User Role
aherbers aherbers@kent.edu editor
jsauder jsauder@kent.edu editor
rcordy rcordy@kent.edu editor