Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine requires that all accepted and continuing students admitted toward the conferring of the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree have current immunizations as a condition of affiliation with the college. In order to assure that all students are protected against preventable communicable illness, all immunization requirements must be met prior to matriculation or within 60 days of classes starting. 

Please click to view the Immunization Requirements. (Please note: There have been changes made in TB testing due to COVID restrictions. Date changed: 6/18/2020.) All admitted students should begin to review the list of required immunizations with their physician upon admission to the program. Students are strongly advised to begin receiving immunizations and/or titers that they may need and collecting documentation upon admittance to the program. 

Please let Lorie Evans know if you are having problems setting up an appointment with your physician to complete the requirements. We understand that you may not be able to complete these requirements at this time due to the virus. However, you will want to prioritize these immunization requirements once your doctors office allows regular appointments again.  
Students will receive information about uploading immunization records to University Health Services at Case Western Reserve University during orientation.