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Integrative Studies

The Bachelor of Integrative Studies (BIS) degree replaces the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) Degree program offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. Please review this page and the material in the Academic Year 2013-2014 catalog to learn more.

Program Description The Bachelor of Integrative Studies (BIS) is a non-major degree for juniors or seniors (those with at least 60 earned hours) that provides maximum freedom for students who wish to take a multidisciplinary, individualized approach to the design of an educational program while maintaining a focus on career or professional goals. This degree may have the most appeal for students near the end of their academic careers who are re-evaluating their academic and career choices. The student is responsible for the research and design of the curriculum, subject to University requirements and approval by the College.  Students choose a minimum of three academic departments in which to select courses and develop a rationale for the way in which these courses support their career goals.  

There are two concentrations within the BIS degree: Integrative Studies-General, which allows students to choose a minimum of 30 credit hours from interrelated programs that support their career aspirations, and the Integrative Studies-Three Minors concentration which allows students to complete three university-recognized minors and/or certificates.

Admission Requirements Junior or Senior students considering the BIS degree should first visit the College Office in 105 Bowman Hall (or their Regional Campus BIS advisor) or use the link below to obtain a copy of the Inquiry materials and Request for Evaluation form.  Students must have completed 60 semester hours before a BIS evaluation can be requested.

Once this form is completed and returned, the advisor will arrange a meeting to go over the evaluation.  This evaluation conference reviews the student's transcript and the requirements that the student must meet in order to earn the BIS degree.  If appropriate (i.e., if the student is a viable candidate for the degree), the advisor will go over the application materials the student will need to prepare (Application for Admission, Statement of Program Rationale, and Program Proposal).

The student is then responsible for completing these materials and doing the necessary research to design the BIS curriculum and develop the rationale explaining the connection between the coursework and the student's professional and career goals.  This includes consultation with resources such as faculty advisers, career services offices, and prospective employers.

The completed application materials then undergo review.  Given the possibility of revision, students should allow 3-5 weeks for this process to be completed.  Collegial approval of the Change of Program form constitutes admission to the program

Admissions Deadlines 

  • Approval for the Summer Term: April 15th 
  • Approval for the Fall Term: July 15th
  • Approval for the Spring Term: November 1st 

Program Rules and Restrictions A student who has already completed the course or hour requirements for another College of Arts and Sciences major MAY NOT be admitted to the BIS degree program.  Students who have already earned a baccalaureate degree are not eligible to pursue the BIS Degree. The BIS may not be combined with another major or field of concentration.

Students must choose from one of the two BIS concentrations (General or Three Minors) as part of the application process.  Changing concentrations requires re-application to the program and Collegial approval.

This degree requires a minimum of 15 hours of new coursework after admission to the program (reflected in the concentration chosen and plan developed by student), as well as coursework from programs in the College of Arts & Sciences.  Changes in the coursework are subject to approval by the BIS advisor and must occur in advance of signing up for the course.