Animation Game Design

Kent State University’s Bachelor of Science degree in Animation Game Design introduces students to the exciting world of interactive, time-based, and digital media through concentrations in Animation and Game Design. 

Program Introduction

This program allows students to create digital media works such as cartoons, digital and non-digital games, motion graphics, 3D walkthroughs, simulations, and virtual reality environments while learning contemporary concepts in their respective concentration. All students take core courses which introduce them to the current state of the animation and game industries while building their skills with a variety of industry-standard technologies for 2D graphics, 3D models, digital sculpting, and simple animation. Once a student moves into their concentration, they engage knowledge and perspectives in their area of specialization through collaborative creative projects directed by our faculty of active industry professionals. 

Degree Availability 
Work by AGD student

Fully offered at the following campuses: 

  • Tuscarawas

  • Stark 

  • Kent

Animation Game Design Major concentrations:

  • Animation involves bringing motion to still objects or, more traditionally, displaying a sequence of still images to create the illusion of life. Animation can tell or story, present events, or explain complex ideas via simulations, scripted films, or even via turntable models in portfolios.

    Students who choose the Animation Concentration learn the principles, concepts, tools, techniques, and procedures of both two- and three-dimensional animation, rooted in classical techniques and studies of the Principles of Animation. They use these technologies, tools, and skills to create short animations for both storytelling, interactive, time-based, and interactive applications.  This process is also important for the workflow of real-time rendering in a 3D game engine to build experiences and can include animation, interactive elements, conventional camera work, and virtual reality experiences. 

  • Game Design involves understanding the interactions between users and interfaces that include some playful element such as points, rewards, competition, or role-play. Like animation, games may tell a story or may use simulated dynamics to create action. 
    Work by AGD student

    Students who choose the Game Design Concentration develop competencies with industry-standard game development engines by creating a series of increasingly complex game projects – from non-digital tabletop games, to 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional games, as well as mobile and virtual reality applications. As they develop these technological skills, students learn the principles of shaping games into positive or thought-provoking user experiences.  Students in this program prepare interactive works for platforms such as personal computers, smart phones and game consoles. They also create works used not only for entertainment, but simulation, training, and measuring educational outcomes.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of Animation and Game Design programs normally work in studios specializing in 2D and 3D digital graphics, architectural visualization, virtual and augmented reality, interactive training simulations, as well as the broadcast and entertainment industries. As a field where professionals routinely integrate the work of multiple visual and audio media, students are encouraged to work collaboratively across disciplines. Our selection of major electives likewise offers students pathways for building skills and knowledge in related areas. 


The Bachelor of Science degree in Animation Game Design is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Students interested in this degree should contact:

Professor Chris Totten, 330-308-7567 | 
Professor Lori Bears, 330-308-7438 |

Academic Advisors:

Tuscarawas Campus: Beth Franz, 330-308-7510 |
Stark Campus: Jami McIntyre, 330-244-3260 |
Kent Campus: Jaimie Priddy, 330-672-5289 ext. 23014 |

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