Facility Usage Request

Kent State Tuscarawas offers a variety of facilities to use by the public. 

Please use the form below to submit your request (as completely as possible).

Meeting & Event Registration Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should be using this new system?
A: This new system is designed for everyone requesting the use of space outside of their normal departmental area.

Q: I submitted a meeting request through the webpage, what happens next?
A: Your response triggered an email to several people across campus (based on various factors).  Either Becki Cox (for meetings/events that are internal – concerning University business) or Tom Flood (for meetings/events that are external – all others) will follow-up to collect any setup information needed and confirm your meeting/event date, time, and location.

Q: My department has traditionally managed the use of a specific room; do I need to place a reservation through this system to continue using that space?
A: No!  Each department has been given the appropriate permissions within Outlook to book spaces adjacent to their area.  There is no need to submit a reservation request; however, a meeting/event will still need to be created that room’s calendar to reserve the space.

Q: Which Administrators on campus have the appropriate permissions to create new events in Outlook, and which space(s) do these permissions entail?
A: There are several across campus:

Tom Flood, Becki Cox, Shannon Bailey, and Waliah Poto – SuperAdmin (all calendars)
Carol Mace – ST107/113, ST126, ST208, ST209, ST Lobby
Amy Bowers – ATC, H109, H111, H112, H113, H115
Deana Spencer – TTI101, TTI106, TTI203, TTI207, TTI230, TTI Lobby
Kim Sweitzer and Tony Ferritto – All academic classrooms
Rob Brindley – Gymnasium

Outlook Shared Calendar

How to View/Add a Shared Calendar

(PC Instructions)

  • In Outlook,

1. Go to Calendar

2. Click Open Calendar (one of the icons along the top menu)

3. Select “Open shared calendar”

4. Click the Name Button on the resulting dialog box

5. Type the name of the shared calendar (n.b. all campus calendars begin with the word "Tusc," use this as your initial search term)

6. Click the OK Button to add the selected calendar to your Outlook interface.  (n.b. you will only be able to add one calendar at a time - repeat this process for any additional calendars you wish to see)