Engineering Technology Department

What is Engineering Technology?

Engineering technology is a profession in which the knowledge of mathematics, physical and social sciences and engineering is applied to planning, design and implementation of products and processes.

More specifically, Engineering Technology is a branch of engineering education that emphasizes the practical aspects of engineering, rather than abstract concepts or theories. It combines theory with practical technical skills, providing support of engineering activities. Student working with 3D printerIt is therefore a blend of the application of science, engineering knowledge and skills used in engineering practices. In the occupational spectrum between the craftsman and the engineer, it lies closest to that of an engineer. Solutions of applied technical problems related to engineering in a specific field of specialization (information systems, polymers, electronics, manufacturing and mechanics) are emphasized.

Graduates of engineering technology programs normally work within the engineering team in applied design, project management, product development, testing, manufacturing, production or operations. They may also work in technical services including field engineering, marketing or sales. The Kent State Tuscarawas faculty have considerable industrial experience in their respective fields of specialization, in addition to their academic preparation at the advanced degree level.

Degree Programs

The Engineering Technology department at Kent State Tuscarawas offers:

Associate of Applied Science degrees:

The curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for technical careers in industry as members of the engineering team. Each program consists of 61-65 credit hours and stresses problem solving, with an emphasis on technical applications and applied design. Graduates from the programs will have completed a number of required technical "core" courses in addition to their mathematics, science and general requirements.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology degrees with options in:

These degrees can be obtained with an additional two years of full-time studies following an associate degree. The structure of the degree program allows the student to acquire an in-depth background in one of the Engineering Technology disciplines (Electronics, Mechanical/Systems or Green and Alternative Energy) while increasing competencies in one or more of the related engineering science areas. Graduates with an integrated background in technical specialties are expected to be in demand to fill the expanding need of the industry.

Local Job Opportunities

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