Kent State Tuscarawas is proud to offer many opportunities for extracurricular involvement through student organizations. The purpose of student organizations is to offer opportunities for personal growth and professional development in future careers. These student-run organizations are a great way to meet new people and develop leadership and management skills – foundations that build a resume.

Undergraduate Student Government (USG)

Advisor: Dr. Bradley Bielski ( and Laurie Donley (

USG represents the student body and works collaboratively with campus administration for activities and for improving the student experience. USG is responsible for initiating, funding, and producing activities on campus that affect the entire student body. USG is allocated an annual budget used to enhance student life and to supplement the activities of the other campus clubs. President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Representatives are appointed annually.

Tuscarawas USG Bylaws

Undergraduate Student Government Application

Alpha Delta Nu - Gamma Sigma Chapter

Advisor: Dr. Mariann Harding (

National associate degree nursing honor society.

Animation & Game Design

Advisor: Tim Fritz (

A good imagination plays a key part in the success of the Kent State Tuscarawas Animation & Game Design. The animation-based club involves its members in the many aspects of computer and traditional animation. The club also helps to prepare students for jobs in their related field(s). They host speakers and sketch sessions and frequently travel abroad for field trips, educational retreats and on-location training. KTAI travels have included Columbus, Cleveland, Toronto and Orlando. The club participates in several fund-raising activities throughout the year to help make these events possible. Membership to KTAI is free and open to any student or faculty member of Kent State Tuscarawas, though participation in the club’s fund-raising activities is required.

Biology & Pre-med Club

Advisor: Dr. Kurtis Eisermann (

The Biology & Pre-med Club promotes professional and social interaction for students interested in biology and students interested in medical fields and attending medical school.

Business, Entrepreneur, & Management Club

Advisor: Dr. Sarah Andreas (

The Business, Entrepreneur, and Management Club promotes innovation, leadership experiences, and readiness in all business areas.

Callbacks Drama Club

Advisor: Shannon Mitchell (

The Callbacks is a drama club that coordinates programs and activities that share the art of theatre with the community and students. Student theatrical productions are selected and produced by the Callbacks.

Communication Club

Advisor: Dr. Ginger Bihn-Coss (

The Communication Club exists to promote the students with area professionals in the field of communication, foster critical thought on modern communication topics, and assist students with their speaking skills. This club will conduct events and activities that promote student identification with and awareness of the communication profession. 

Criminology & Justice Studies Club

Advisor: David Graff (

The Criminology & Justice Studies Club promotes the discipline of Criminology and Justice Studies at Kent State Tuscarawas. The club provides students with an appropriate avenue to pursue interests in justice studies and gives them a forum to discuss relevant issues in the field. Club members must be declared Criminology and Justice Studies majors (AA or BA), minors or taking a class in the discipline. Membership dues are $5 per semester.

Education Club

Advisor: Dr. Sandra Pech (

The Education club promotes the field of education by providing students with avenues to pursue interests and activities associated with educating children. The club provides students with a forum to discuss relevant issues in the education field.  Students must be declared education majors or enrolled in education classes.

English Club

Advisor: Dr. Kyle Winkler (

The English Club creates student-faculty interest and participation in the humanities. It encourages community literacy, creative writing, reading circles and public forums for reciting of poetry. The club promotes involvement and communication between the student body and the larger community about issues pertaining to language and literature. Students will gain community and university involvement that will enhance their career potential.

Flashfires is a literary magazine that is composed of student generated works. Students can submit short stories, essays, comics, poetry pieces, artwork, social commentary or quotes (original or well known) to be published. If you are interested in submitting to Flashfires, please contact Dr. Winkler for more information. Word maximum: 1500. If you are interested in joining the staff, Contact Dr. Winkler.

First Gen Club

Advisor: Dr. Jean Engohang-Ndong (

The purpose of the First-Gen Club shall be to foster the persistence and degree attainment of first-generation and all other college students at the KSU Tuscarawas campus. The First-Gen Club shall pursue its goals by organizing recurrent workshops that support academic success and career readiness.

History Club

Advisor: Dr. Todd Hartline (

Explore history beyond the classroom, develop leadership skills, and promote opportunities to enhance learning about history.

Institute of Electrical/Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Advisor: Chitra Rajagopal (

IEEE is a student chapter of an international organization rooted in the study of electronics and its numerous applications. IEEE sponsors many campus activities each year and takes advantage of field trips to augment their studies.

Nursing Students Tuscarawas Acting Together (NSTAT)

Advisor: Laurie Barcus (

NSTAT is an organization for nursing students. They focus on activities of a health related nature for the campus and the community. Some examples of their activities include sponsoring blood drives and food and clothing collections in our community.

Pride Tuscarawas

Advisor: Dr. G Patterson (

Pride Tuscarawas seeks to provide a safe and supportive environment for LGBTA students and allies who are supportive of equality for people of any sexual orientation or gender. Additional goals of the club are to provide education to the public and to encourage open-mindedness rather than prejudice about sexual orientation or gender.

RENDER – Mark 12:17 A Group for Jesus

Advisor: Dr. Mariann Harding (

The purpose of Render is to foster and strengthen commitment to Jesus Christ. Render aims to proclaim the good news, contribute to the development of students, and encourage involvement with local Christian churches.

Realms of Roleplay Gaming Club

Advisor: Tony Dallacheisa (

The RRGC strives to create an open community of gamers to explore, discuss, play, and promote all aspects of tabletop roleplaying games. By participating in such activities, club members hope to share their passion and knowledge with the greater campus community, fostering a critical engagement with identity and roleplay. The club plans to raise awareness of the multiple roles we play on a daily basis, how we negotiate those roles, and to demystify the process of roleplay and address misconceptions about roleplaying games.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers

Advisor: Dr. Dhruba Panthi (

The purpose of the organization is to inspire students to pursue careers in manufacturing, to support students studying for a career in an engineering-related field and prepare students to participate in a global economy. The organization also coordinates and promotes activities, programs and fund-raising events which support the goals of the organization.

Veterinary Technology Student Chapter

Advisor: Maria Burkholder (

The VTSC promotes the field of veterinary technology on our college campus and in Tuscarawas county through education and community awareness. The club enhances knowledge and skills through continuing education programs. Students must be declared veterinary technology majors.