Honors Program

The Honors Program at Kent State Tuscarawas, a member of the prestigious National Collegiate Honors Council, offers academically talented students the opportunity to pursue an enriched educational experience, with all the benefits of the highly acclaimed Kent State University Honors Program.


The Honors College offers outstanding students a program of challenging courses and enriched educational experiences. It seeks to develop a broad understanding of the arts and sciences, a commitment to excellence in academic and creative endeavors, and a respect for cultural diversity. Work in Honors fosters the habits of inquiry, skills in learning, and strategies for reflection that are central to the mission of Kent State University.

Kent State Tuscarawas Honors Program


Dr. Lovejoy Das, Honors Program Coordinator
330-339-3391 | ldas@kent.edu

"I believe Kent's Honors Program is one of the most amazing programs they offer. By being in the Honors Program, I was able to extend my learning beyond what the regular education major was learning. I got to take part in research projects that interested me and taught me about special education, gifted education and sign language. Having done these extra projects gave me an advantage when applying for a job. It made my resume stronger than the average education major. I believe this is one of the reasons I got so many interviews. I was then offered a job on the spot!" -Kara Brooks, 2014