Message from the Coordinator

"The Honors Program at Kent State University at Tuscarawas provides motivated and bright undergraduate students with creative learning opportunities to stretch their intellect and curiosity while fostering a supportive environment to earn their degrees with honors. It offers enriched and diverse educational opportunities that allow students to have close interaction with their peers as well as their faculty. In this way, students participate in an exchange of ideas that broadens their knowledge and perspectives while developing their own opinions.

As they enter their first semester at Kent State Tuscarawas, some students may not know which kind of career they desire to pursue after completing their degree. With our Honors Program in place, students develop the skills necessary to meet the demands of the highly sophisticated and ever changing technological society in which we live. Furthermore, with the transcript notations of the Kent State University Honors College, future employers, graduate programs and professional schools will recognize the fact that these students are committed to excellence.

The Honors Program prepares students to take on leadership roles at an early stage of their educational career through a wide range of academic programs such as the Freshman Honors Colloquium and study abroad experiences at Florence, Italy; Leicester, England; and Northern Ireland. With the resources of a great research institution at hand, there are a plethora of opportunities for students to be engaged in creative and research endeavors.

Students in the Honors Program have a special curriculum taught by distinguished faculty across the Kent State Tuscarawas campus. The Honors Program’s innovative curriculum seeks and promotes methods of inquiry and discovery for those who want to understand, explore and research their interests.

Albert Einstein once said, “The search and striving for truth and knowledge is one of the highest of man’s qualities.” Indeed, honors students constantly seek, question and embrace the methods of inquiry while bringing joy in learning and understanding. The Honors Program at Kent State Tuscarawas is a unique place for students from diverse backgrounds to expand their horizons in an enriched learning environment." 

Lovejoy Das, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Honors Program Coordinator