Honors Program Curriculum & Requirements


The curriculum of the Honors Program can be completed with any major. The flexibility of the program usually allows for students to complete their major and Honors requirements without taking extra classes. Honors courses are available throughout a student's undergraduate years and can be done with any major in the university. Honors Program freshmen are enrolled in the yearlong Freshman Honors Colloquium which takes the place of College Writing I and II.

Freshmen who join the Honors Program need to complete 24 hours of Honors coursework to graduate with honors distinction. Honors experiences can include designated Honors classes, individual Honors work, a Senior Honors Thesis, and study abroad opportunities. Students should complete one Honors experience each semester to remain in good standing with the program. The six-hour Senior Honors Thesis is in addition to the 24 hours of required Honors work.

Students who join the Honors Program other than as a new freshman are required to complete the six-hour, three-semester-long Senior Honors Thesis. Thesis work typically begins three semesters prior to graduation. Students must plan carefully in order to accommodate the thesis. Once accepted into the program, students are expected to complete some sort of Honors work each academic year, and preferably each semester, in order to maintain membership, stay on track for graduation and retain their Honors Scholarship (if applicable).

Students accepted into the Honors Program will receive a handbook detailing expectations and responsibilities.

Honors College Forms

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Senior Honors Thesis