Recognition at Graduation

Graduation marks the culmination of your achievements as a student at Kent State University.

In addition to the distinction earned, Honors College students are recognized in the following ways upon graduation from Kent State University and the Honors College:


Students graduating from the Honors College receive a notation on their final academic transcript. University transcripts identify all Honors coursework as Honors. Please Note: The Honors College does not award institutional honors (More information about institutional honors).

Graduation with Honors

Students who are in good standing at graduation, complete their minimum Honors requirements, and complete a Senior Honors Thesis/Project will have their graduation distinction (University, General, or Departmental Honors) noted on the final academic transcripts. In addition, students receive an official thesis certificate in the mail after graduation.

Honors College Scholar

Students who are in good standing at graduation and complete their minimum Honors requirements earn the notation "Honors College Scholar" on the final academic transcript.


The Kent State University commencement program at the graduation ceremony identifies all graduates of the Honors College.


Honors College graduates receive a special medallion to wear at Commencement. Blue ribbons are awarded to Honors College Scholars while gold ribbons denote Graduation with Honors.