Associate of Applied Business in Cybersecurity

Program Overview

Prepare for entry-level positions in cybersecurity with the Associate of Applied Business in Cybersecurity. This program is offered fully online and in a combination of online and in person coursework.

Students desiring a bachelor’s degree can continue with Kent State to complete the Bachelor of Science Information Technology degree with a concentration in Cybersecurity and Forensics.

The Associate of Applied Business degree in Cybersecurity provides students with an applied approach to information security concepts. With an ever-growing threat to sensitive and critical data in the field of information technology, understanding the impact of security issues on businesses and individuals is critical. The degree program gives students the tools they need to address current security issues including risk identification, security testing and monitoring, and enterprise risk management. Built upon a solid knowledgebase, topics covered include networking, hardware and operating systems, Cisco networking technologies, cyber defense methods, cyber ethics, incident management and security policies.