Industrial Maintenance (online)

Kent State University at Tuscarawas has a nationally recognized Industrial Maintenance Training Program (online) designed to meet organizational and/or individual needs.

Developed to meet the increasing demand for skilled technical maintenance workers, the Industrial Maintenance Training Program was designed to meet the diverse needs of employers and individuals. The program is also ideal for customized training programs to meet specific business training needs. Program descriptions, required hours and fees are listed below.

The Industrial Maintenance Training Program has three tracks: Electrical Maintenance Technician, Mechanical Maintenance Technician, and Multicraft Technician (hybrid of Electrical and Mechanical).

These programs are 100% online and coursework can be accessed 24/7. Each program consists of a wide variety of short online courses which include audio and written instruction, video demonstrations, quizzes and a final test. Courses are accessible anytime, anywhere – all students need is internet access. Students can complete an entire training program or select specific course groups. The Industrial Maintenance Program is most effective when supplemented by on-the-job training.

These training plans can be customized specifically for your needs. There is a lot of flexibility. You can delete or add courses listed on the training plans. You can add a course from one program to another.

These are open enrollment courses and can begin after enrollment.

After completion of the program, students receive a Certificate of Completion from Kent State University.

Electrical Maintenance Technician (online)

This program is designed to provide electrical maintenance technicians with the skills they need to be successful. Students will gain skills in: math, print reading, safety, basic electricity, electrical measurements, AC Circuits and Transformers, DC circuits and fundamentals, electrical protection, motor drives, AC/DC equipment and controls, motor controls, power supplies, electronic components and circuits, programmable logic controllers, measurement and instrumentation, process control and instrumentation, and more. Program consists of 114 individual short course modules.

Total hours: 273  
Program cost: $2,934

Mechanical Maintenance Technician (online)

This program is designed to provide mechanical maintenance technicians with the skills they need to be successful.  Students will gain skills in: math, print reading, safety, troubleshooting, drive components, lubrication, bearings, piping systems, hydraulics, pneumatics, basic electricity, and more. Program consists of 89 individual short course modules.  

Total hours: 253
Program cost: $2,578

Multicraft Technician (online)

For those maintenance technicians who choose to be multi-crafted, Kent State Tuscarawas has a combined training program that provides skills for technicians to be successful in both the mechanical and electrical fields.  Core modules include basic math, print reading, safety as well as an overview of mechanical systems such as drive components, hydraulics, and pneumatics as well as an overview of electrical systems such as basic electricity, AC/DC fundamentals, motor drives and controls, and PLC’s, to name just a few. Program consists of 127 individual short course modules.  

Total hours: 355
Program cost: $3,555

Thank you for your interest in our program. Our students who complete this program greatly increase their value to employers.

For more information about customized onsite programs or to get started, contact

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