Off-Campus Housing

Are you coming from a distance to attend Kent State Tuscarawas? We know that our quality programs, friendly campus and affordable tuition are attractive to students both locally and outside the area. While we don't have an on-campus housing option, we're happy to provide valuable information so you can find a place to live near our campus.

Kent State Tuscarawas is a regional campus and does not have on-campus housing units. Rather, students commute to and from campus. Off-Campus Housing information provides students with the means of locating affordable, clean and safe living environments. Living close to campus allows students to have more time to devote to their academic studies and become connected to university and campus life.

The information and handbook provided below were created to assist students in locating off campus housing and navigating the landlord-tenant relationship. It should not be considered legal advice. Students are encouraged to consult independent legal means should any questions or concerns arise during the course of the landlord-tenant relationship.

Off-Campus housing Handbook

Listed below are the responsibilities of the student, the campus and the realtors who participate in an Off Campus Housing search.


  • To contact realtors or leasing agents from the list provided by Kent State Tuscarawas
  • To provide truthful and accurate information to the agent and the landlord
  • To abide by the written and signed agreement


  • To provide a list of realtors in the area who assist students in locating rental housing
  • To provide tips and helpful information on selecting off campus housing


  • To provide a list of open rentals in the area
  • To assist students in locating a safe and clean living environment
  • To provide flexibility on the terms of the lease (9 months / 12 months)
  • To provide a signed rental agreement that explains the terms of the lease

Please refer to the list below for local realtors who can help you with your off campus housing needs. This is a free service for students/faculty/staff as a source of information only. Kent State Tuscarawas does not recommend one realtor over another and is not responsible for any decision that is made by the student to enter into a rental agreement on the part of students/faculty/staff or any persons who access this site.