Kent State Tuscarawas Alumni Making a Difference, Named TuscHeroes

Several Kent State University at Tuscarawas alumni have recently been named TuscHeroes, as they are making a difference in the community by helping others adjust and cope during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through a deep desire to help and support others, these TuscHeroes found ways to connect to community members, offer services and provide support virtually.

Providing Support Through Facebook Group

Kent State Tuscarawas alumnus Lucas Pompey is the creator of the Tuscarawas County Mutual Aid and Support Facebook group. Pompey formed the group to enable the facilitation of real local solidarity. Regardless of politics or ideology, if you post in the group that you need something, by the end of the day someone will hopefully get it to you. Pompey also keeps busy with personal and community garden planning. His next project is bringing about short- and long-term local food security.

“People generally are good and will come together in times of distress, contrary to popular belief. I just created the group with the goal to enable that innate human desire to be turned into action,” said Pompey.

Visit Pompey’s Facebook group, Tuscarawas County Mutual Aid and Support. Over 1,300 members have already joined.

Supporting Local Restaurants

Wondering which restaurants and bars are serving carry-out? Thanks to Kent State Tuscarawas alumna Chrissy Blackwell, you can find take-out menus from all over Tuscarawas County at Tuscarawas County Take-Out. Blackwell, the Business and Events Coordinator of the Tuscarawas County Chamber of Commerce, created the Facebook group Tuscarawas County Take-Out to support and promote local small businesses. She commends the restaurant and bar owners who had to essentially change business plans on a dime to provide carry-out services.

“So many of our local businesses are small businesses and they have a great effect on our economy. We want to do what we can, while we can, so that these small businesses are here on the other end when recovery begins,” said Blackwell.

Through this Facebook group, that already has over 14,000 members, Blackwell hopes to support and promote restaurants and bars, as they employ friends and families, they support schools and sports teams, and they help provide quality of life for everyone.

Offering Free Consulting Services for Small Business

Kent State Tuscarawas alumnus Daniel Everett is the owner and founder of Everett Consulting Services, LLC. Everett’s love of small business and his drive to help others inspired him to offer free remote consultations to help small business owners strategize, to help keep their organizations solvent and to troubleshoot their problems. He shares realistic and uplifting information that others can practically implement to stay healthy and #FlattenTheCurve at Everett Consulting Services, LLC.

“I am looking for ways that I can be of assistance, in a way which helps to implement physical distancing and keeps us all safe,” said Everett.

Small business owners can email Everett at with questions or more information. Everett earned a bachelor’s degree in finance at Kent State Tuscarawas.

Nominate Your TuscHero

To nominate your TuscHero—a Kent State Tuscarawas faculty, staff, student, alumni or local organization/business—who is going above and beyond to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic, please email

POSTED: Tuesday, April 7, 2020 10:57 AM
UPDATED: Sunday, June 16, 2024 02:05 PM