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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Psychology is a science devoted to the study of how people and animals think, feel and behave. Psychologists consider how both biological processes and environmental influences can account for behavior. The field of psychology integrates research and practice. That is, in addition to trying to explain behavior, psychologists are interested in applying the results of research to solve real world problems. The undergraduate program in psychology is designed to prepare students for either employment in settings requiring behavioral principles or for admission into graduate study. It is a liberal studies major. Advising can help undergraduates tailor their courses of study to their particular interests.

Career Opportunities

Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate  majors. While many psychology students obtain advanced degrees, bachelor’s degree holders have numerous job  and career options. In the psychological services and  human services areas, graduates can seek a variety of counseling opportunities, including positions in youth and  camp counseling, crisis intervention, parent counseling, case management and gerontology. In addition, positions in community activism and education, corrections services, health services, social work and the management/directing of programs are available. Psychology majors also have many  opportunities in other areas, such as business and industry, community organizations and government agencies. Areas  such as general management/administration, insurance,  human resources and personnel, placement assistance, sales  and public relations can all benefit from the skills acquired by psychology majors. Education represents still another type of chance to develop a career, as do a variety of technical areas, such as research and development.

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Dr. Ashley Galati, Assistant Professor of Psychology

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