Systems/Industrial Engineering Technology

Industrial engineering technicians specialize in helping to determine the most efficient way to use people, machines, materials and energy in business and industry. That role is becoming more important as factories become more automated and manufacturing becomes more time conscious and quality oriented.

In the associate degree program in Systems/Industrial Engineering Technology, you will learn to analyze, measure and coordinate work in a variety of industries. You'll receive hands-on experience with automatic equipment found in machine tool operations. You will have access to mechanical laboratory for testing and analysis, and you will learn to use computers to aid in the production of engineering drawings. An individualized option for this degree is also available, providing the opportunity to tailor the degree to your career needs.

Career Opportunities

Among the positions you will be qualified for upon graduation are:

  • Methods technician
  • Time study technician
  • Technical positions in production, inventory, quality control, wage and job evaluation, material handling or plant layout and service/sales

With experience, you could qualify as a:

  • Foreman
  • Managerial position in production and wage administration
  • Senior engineering technician

Engineering Technology Department

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