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Technical & Applied Studies

The Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies is a degree offered through the Regional College. It is designed for students who are beginning their academic study or for students who hold an associate degree or have completed some college-level coursework; the program will accommodate varied educational backgrounds, develop competencies needed for success in a variety of work settings and offer major courses in schedules attractive to traditional students or time- and place-bound students. 

The BTAS offers a variety of concentrations including Computer Technology, Application Development, Applied Computer Security and Forensics Technology, General Technology, Internet and Multimedia, and Networking.

This degree provides a blended, breadth of learning experience that encompasses many disciplines, and is quite different from the traditional degree which provides depth within a single discipline. Students who desire a major with depth in a specific discipline should consider a traditional degree.

The BTAS requires a prescribed core of skills/knowledge-based courses that bridge multiple disciplines in multiple colleges. Students construct a meaningful plan for using the curriculum to explore and prepare for their preferred futures by completing a cornerstone course and developing an electronic portfolio. This enables students to collect artifacts of their learning that can be used to advance their careers. A capstone course features a synthesizing of learning focused on the foundational competencies and finalization of the electronic portfolio for job search and career development purposes.

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