Individualized Program (A.T.S.)

Associate of Technical Study Degree, Individualized Program

Program Overview

The Associate of Technical Study (A.T.S.) degree, Individualized Program, is open to students who need a specially designed course of study in a technical field. The program consists of courses that suit the students' career goals. Course requirements are planned with the help of a faculty advisor and must be approved by the dean of the College of Applied and Technical Studies.

Admission Requirements 

The university affirmatively strives to provide educational opportunities and access to students with varied backgrounds, those with unique talents and adult students who graduated from high school three or more years ago.

Kent State University's Geauga Campus and Twinsburg Academic Center have open enrollment admission for students who hold a high school diploma, G.E.D., or equivalent.

For more information on admissions, contact our admissions offices.

Program Partnerships

International Culinary Arts and Sciences Institute (ICASI)

Kent State University Geauga and the International Culinary Arts and Sciences Institute (ICASI) have established a program for students to obtain a higher education degree after completing coursework at ICASI Through this academic partnership, students can use their course credits upon graduation from ICASI toward an Associate of Technical Study (A.T.S.) degree at Kent State Geauga. The program can be designed to provide students with the fundamentals of running a successful business. Online courses are available. For more information, visit ICASI Partnership Information.

Paul Mitchell The School Cleveland & Paul Mitchell The School Columbus

Kent State University Geauga Campus and Twinsburg Academic Center, Paul Mitchell The School Cleveland, and Paul Mitchell The School Columbus are now partners in education for higher learning. Through this academic partnership, students who have completed the 1500-hour Cosmetology Program at Paul Mitchell The School Cleveland or Paul Mitchell The School Columbus and hold an active cosmetology license through the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology will earn credits toward the completion of an Associate of Technical Studies (A.T.S.) degree at Kent State Geauga and the Twinsburg Academic Center. Students must submit official transcripts from Paul Mitchell The School Cleveland or Columbus, including a copy of the Certificate of Completion; proof of active state licensure through the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology; and official transcripts from previously attended institutions of higher education. Online courses are available.

Planning Your Program

With the help of a faculty advisor, you will develop a written plan of study and select courses to fit that plan as you prepare for the career you have chosen. Due to the unique nature of the Associate of Technical Studies (A.T.S.) degree, you must get an early start in planning with your advisor. With early planning and ongoing support from faculty and staff, you can design an exceptional degree program that works for your specific career goal.

The associate degree is granted after the successful completion of 61 semester hours of coursework. By concentrating the majority of your studies in technical and related coursework, you are preparing to advance in your field. The A.T.S. degree can be a stepping stone to the Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies (B.T.A.S.) or other bachelor's degrees.