Enhancing Academics in Nursing through Alumni

On June 29, 2018, the Geauga Campus and Regional Academic Center Nursing Program Director and Coordinator participated in a unique event in collaboration with Cleveland Clinic Dean’s Roundtable partners. 
As a collaborative member of this clinical-educational, problem-solving group, the campus continues its vital work to explore and address the challenges of transition to practice. "We were honored to collaborate on a project aimed at increasing the readiness of graduate nurses to practice in their first nursing position,” said Donna Casey, ADN Program Director. "This experience was a tremendous chance to partner in identifying the challenges and opportunities faced by our new graduates entering practice at a time of tremendous change. It was an opportunity to learn by being a part of our new graduate’s real-time application of theory. 
To support these efforts, they participated in an exciting observational experience. Members of the DRT were invited to shadow a recent graduate from their program that works at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus. Two individuals per school were invited. Melissa Owen, MSN, BSN Program Coordinator from Kent State Geauga Campus in Burton joined Donna Casey and went to the unit where two alumni nurses were working. They shadowed Mari Fojas, RN as she worked thru an actual assignment of acute patient care. With the graduate, they had the opportunity to observe morning huddle, bedside handoff, and initial nursing assessments with EMR documentation, medication administration, and interdisciplinary team rounds. They were also able to engage the graduate in conversation about their experience of opportunity and growth entering the nursing workforce.

The experience was greatly rewarding and provided valuable feedback that will help the team close the loop and provide a gentler handoff of our graduates into the nursing workforce. The plan is to invite these alumni to a fall faculty meeting to share their nursing orientation experience with current faculty members.
The collaborative effort between the Cleveland Clinic and Kent State University schools of nursing is beneficial on multiple levels. Kent State’s goal is to provide a solid foundation that prepares graduates for the NCLEX. "Shadowing our recent graduates gave me the insight and opportunity to witness the transition from student to professional, and to discuss areas in which improvements can be made in the educational process," said Melissa Owen, Program Coordinator for the BSN program at Burton. “It is important to have an ongoing dialogue with our students, recent graduates, and our clinical partners to prepare our nursing graduates for the fast-pasted and dynamic field of nursing by providing them with real world insight and skills necessary to succeed in their healthcare profession."

This is the impact of higher education immersed in community. This is how our students develop into vibrant contributors of our community. This is the value of Kent State Geauga and Regional Academic Center in your hometown.

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